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Joint print purchase packageRecommendations for Energy Efficient Exterior LightingSystems & Code of Practice for the Application of LEDLighting Systems (Print)

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Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems LED lighting is a fast-developing technology that is becoming more popular as people begin to realise the advantages it provides, such as energy efficiency, controllability and longevity. However, poor quality installation of LED lighting systems could negate these advantages and result in inadequate lighting, failure to meet lifetime performance expectations, potential public health and safety issues or even interference with other technology due to poor systems integration. This Code of Practice has been developed to provide confidence to users as a minimum standard for LED lighting systems installation, as well as to serve as a useful reference on the application of LED lighting systems. Recommendations for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting Systems The exterior lighting systems market is undergoing rapid change as new disruptive technologies (including LED lighting and intelligent lighting controls) come on to the market at the same time as financial and operational constraints are coming into force that promote energy and cost savings. With a wide range of technologies available, lighting managers from both the public and private sectors face a difficult task in driving forwards with the appropriate specification, suitable selection and effective implementation of lighting systems that balance quality and cost requirements against the expectations of their constituents and customers. The aim of this guide is to support informed customers / users of exterior lighting systems, providing a basis for evaluation of technical issues and decision-making on technology adoption in order to achieve functional, budgetary and compliance requirements. The key applications targeted by the document are public spaces such as outdoor work areas, road, footway and cycle path lighting, security, architectural and amenity lighting, where new technologies offer improvements in energy efficiency, product lifetime and adaptive lighting. This document provides recommendations for decision making and appropriate approaches to the specification and procurement of energy efficient exterior lighting systems, including: - user-friendly introductory sections to support informed customer decisions for quality lighting schemes and specification of compliant systems - good practice recommendations for procurement, implementation and management of exterior lighting systems - an online Good Practice Specification Template for energy efficient exterior lighting systems

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Package Components: Recommendations for Energy-efficient Exterior Lighting Systems , Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems

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