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    Commentary on MF/2 (Revision 1)

    This Commentary gives users practical help and guidance on the clauses of the MF/2 Conditions and the MF/2 contract documents and their interrelationship.
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    Digital Signal Filtering, Analysis and Restoration

    Jiří Jan  2000

    Aiming to give an introduction to the basic theory of digital signal processing and analysis, this book starts by providing the theoretical background and principal methods for one-dimensional signals before building to more complex signals.

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    Selected Topics in Advanced Solid State and Fibre Optic Sensors

    S.M. Vaezi-Nejad  2000

    New techniques and technologies for sensors are developing fast and being applied in a wide range of fields for measurement and instrumentation, both for research and commercial purposes. This book aims to provide advanced students and practising engineers with a selective tour of highlights in the topical field of sensors for measurement.

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    Restoring Baird's Image

    Donald F. McLean  2000

    In the late 1920s, John Logie Baird - considered to be the inventor of television - was experimenting with 'phonovision' in which he attempted to record television signals onto gramophone discs. This unique book sheds new light on the activities of John Logie Baird and the definition and invention of television itself.

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    The Life and Times of A.D. Blumlein

    Russell Burns  2000

    Alan Dower Blumlein was a genius and has been described as the greatest British electronics engineer of the twentieth century. This book presents a balanced account of the life and times of a brilliant engineer. It is certain to be the major biographical source on Blumlein for all historians of technology and science.

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    John Logie Baird

    Television pioneer  
    Russell W. Burns  2000

    This is a balanced biography of one of the 20th Century's outstanding inventors, published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Baird's first public demonstration of a rudimentary television system.

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    Small Signal Microwave Amplifier Design

    Theodore Grosch  2000

    This book explains techniques and examples for designing stable amplifiers for high-frequency applications, in which the signal is small and the amplifier circuit is linear.

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    Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Components

    J. Helszajn  2000

    The ridge waveguide, which is a rectangular waveguide with one or more metal inserts (ridges), is an important transmission line in microwave engineering, now widely used in commercial electronics and communications devices. This book gives the reader direct access to this subject without need for exhaustive search of research papers.

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    Parabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

    Mireille Levy  2000

    This book is the first to present the application of parabolic equation methods in electromagnetic wave propagation. These powerful numerical techniques have become the dominant tool for assessing clear-air and terrain effects on radiowave propagation and are growing increasingly popular for solving scattering problems.

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    Power Plant Control and Instrumentation

    The control of boilers and HRSG systems  
    David Lindsley  2000

    This book provides a practical and comprehensive analysis of control systems for boilers and HRSGs (heat-recovery steam generators) in a variety of applications from waste-to-energy plants through to combined-cycle gas-turbine power stations (CCGTs).

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    Flight Control Systems

    Practical issues in design and implementation  
    Roger W. Pratt  2000

    A complete reference on modern flight control methods for fixed-wing aircraft, this authoritative book includes contributions from an international group of experts in their respective specialised fields, largely from industry.