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Adaptive Prediction and Predictive Control

Adaptive Prediction and Predictive Control

by Partha Pratim Kanjilal

Control often follows predictions: predictive control has been highly successful in producing robust and practical solutions in many real-life, real-time applications. Adaptive prediction covers a variety of ways of adding 'intelligence' to predictive control techniques. Many different groups, with widely varying disciplinary backgrounds and approaches, are tackling the same problem from different angles; these groups are sometimes unaware of alternative approaches from other disciplines.

This book attempts to give a unified and comprehensive coverage of the principles and methods that these groups have developed. It avoids basing its descriptions on very complex mathematical formulations but still gives a rigorous exposure to the subject, and illustrates the theory with many practical examples. It is chiefly aimed at students, researchers and practitioners, but will also be accessible to the non-specialist.

About the Author

Partha Pratim Kanjilal is an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He is a graduate of the IIT and of the University of Sheffield. His research interests include modelling and prediction of complex processes, linear and nonlinear time-series analysis, signal processing and predictive control. He has a particular interest in the applications of orthogonal control. Dr Kanjilal has previously worked as a research fellow at Oxford University, CSIR and Tata Steel in India. He has published over 25 refereed papers in journals and international conferences.

Publication Year: 1995

Pages: 536

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-193-9

Format: HBK

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