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    Human-Robot Collaboration

    Unlocking the potential for industrial applications  
    Zoe Doulgeri, Fotios Dimeas  2023

    This book covers important advances in the area of human-robot collaboration, aiming at future industrial applications. It will be useful to advanced students, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs working on human-robot collaboration research and technologies, and related fields.

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    Sensory Systems for Robotic Applications

    Ravinder Dahiya, Oliver Ozioko, Gordon Cheng  2022

    Thanks to advances in sensing and computer vision technologies, robots can be found today in healthcare, medicine and the industry. Topics covered in this edited book include various types of sensors used in robotics, sensing schemes, sensing technologies and their applications including robotics, prosthetics, wearables and healthcare.

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    Control and Estimation of Dynamical Nonlinear and Partial Differential Equation Systems

    Theory and applications  
    Gerasimos Rigatos, Masoud Abbaszadeh, Pierluigi Siano  2022

    In this comprehensive reference, the authors present new and innovative control and estimation methods based on dynamical nonlinear and partial differential equation systems, which are used in solving control problems such as stability and robustness issues in robotics, mechatronics, and other engineering applications.

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    Human Machine Collaboration and Interaction for Smart Manufacturing

    Automation, robotics, sensing, artificial intelligence, 5G, IoTs and Blockchain  
    Wai Yie Leong  2022

    This edited book covers challenges, concepts, systems, architectures, technologies, and design characteristics of human-machine cooperation and interaction systems in smart manufacturing environments using state of the art technologies including artificial intelligence, 5G, IoTs, Blockchains, CPS, sensing, automation and robotics.

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    Space Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    Technologies, advances and applications  
    Yang Gao  2021

    This edited book covers space robotics and autonomous systems (space RAS) from technologies to advances and applications including sensing and perception, mobility, manipulations, high-level autonomy, human-robot interaction, multi-modal interaction, modelling and simulation, and safety and trust.

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    Ground Penetrating Radar

    Improving sensing and imaging through numerical modeling  
    X. Lucas Travassos, Mario F. Pantoja, Nathan Ida  2021

    This book takes the reader through the development of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system, stressing the parameters that can be optimized and explaining the theory behind the GPR assessment. The authors provide a detailed discussion of the support tools and the numerical modeling of the system to improve readings from GPR systems.

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    Transparency for Robots and Autonomous Systems

    Fundamentals, technologies and applications  
    Robert H. Wortham  2020

    Based on scientific understanding and empirical evidence of how humans understand and interact with robotic and autonomous systems, this book reviews the concerns that have been raised around the deployment of AI and robots in human society, and the potential for disruption and harm.