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    Expected by: 01 June 2023

    Applications of Deep Learning in Electromagnetics

    Teaching Maxwell's equations to machines  
    Maokun Li, Marco Salucci  2023

    This book discusses recent advances in the application of deep learning techniques to electromagnetic theory and engineering. The contents represent pioneer applications of deep learning techniques to electromagnetic engineering, where physical principles described by the Maxwell's equations dominate.

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    Expected by: 01 June 2023

    Mathematical Quantum Physics for Engineers and Technologists

    Alireza Baghai-Wadji  2023

    Size reduction in mesoscopic and nano-scoping electronic and plasmonic devices makes classical quantum mechanics (QM) and electrodynamics (QED) in electronics inevitable. Electronics engineers are unfamiliar with the mathematical apparatus in QM and QED, which can be formidably abstract. This book explains QM and QED to engineers.

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    Fundamentals of Inertial Navigation Systems and Aiding

    Michael Braasch  2022

    This book provides an advanced introduction to inertial data processing along with design architectures and algorithms used to aid inertial navigation systems. The emphasis is on the high-end sensors and systems used in aerospace applications, but material is also included that provides an overview of low-cost sensor data processing.

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    Modern Radar for Automotive Applications

    Zhengyu Peng, Changzhi Li, Faruk Uysal  2022

    This book provides an up-to-date account of the status of research and implementation of automotive radars. The book covers fundamental, novel and essential technologies, such as MIMO, waveform design, and interference mitigation. The book includes chapters on exterior and interior uses of radar technology.

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    Principles of Modern Radar

    Volume 1: Basic Principles, 2nd Edition  
    Mark A. Richards, William L. Melvin  2022

    Principles of Modern Radar: Basic Principles is a comprehensive text for courses in radar systems and technology, a professional training textbook for formal in-house courses and for new hires; a reference for ongoing study following a radar short course and a self-study and professional reference book.

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    Bioelectromagnetics in Healthcare

    Advanced sensing and communication applications  
    William Whittow  2022

    This book covers the newest applications of bioelectromagnetics in the healthcare sector, providing valuable insights into the current and future possibilities of bioelectromagnetics in twelve cohesively structured chapters. Each chapter is written by experts in the field.

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    Metasurface Electromagnetics

    The Cagniard-DeHoop time-domain approach  
    Martin Štumpf  2022

    The book provides original analytical and computational methodologies for solving the EM interaction with modern metasurface structures. New sophisticated modeling methods and closed-form solutions are explored, thereby providing enablers for future developments of thin-layer-based technologies.