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    Ocean Remote Sensing Technologies

    High frequency, marine and GNSS-based radar  
    Weimin Huang, Eric W. Gill  2021

    The book provides a systematic introduction to the principles, state-of-the-art methods and applications of high frequency surface/sky wave radar and microwave marine radar, as well as an exploration of ongoing challenges in the field. It is a valuable resource for the radar and remote sensing communities.

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    Radar Sea Clutter

    Modelling and target detection  
    Luke Rosenberg, Simon Watts  2021

    This book presents comprehensive coverage of new research into sea clutter characterisation and modelling, radar performance prediction and maritime target detection. The book also includes a summary of sea-clutter scattering characteristics and datasets provided that can be used for modelling.

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    Advanced Sparsity-Driven Models and Methods for Radar Applications

    Gang Li  2020

    This book introduces advanced sparsity-driven models and methods and their applications in radar tasks such as detection, imaging and classification. It is based on research from the last decade, with a particular focus on applying compressed-sensing-based models and algorithms to solve practical problems in radar.

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    Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers

    Recent advances and innovative applications  
    Guillaume Andrieu  2020

    This book offers state of the art information about a novel range of applications for electromagnetic reverberation chambers. It is written by international experts in electromagnetic theory, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and antenna design and measurement. Each chapter addresses the general concepts and recent advances in its field.

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    Numerical Methods for Engineering, 2nd Edition

    An introduction using MATLAB® and computational electromagnetics examples  
    Karl F. Warnick  2020

    The revised and updated second edition of this textbook teaches students to create computer codes used to engineer antennas, microwave circuits, and other critical technologies for wireless communications and other applications of electromagnetic fields and waves. Worked code examples are provided for MATLAB technical computing software.