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    HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

    Randall W. Rhea  1994

    This book is a complete design guide for printed and L-C filters for RF and microwave applications. It includes easy to understand theory, accurate element models, computer-aided design, many filter types and practical application issues.

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    Introduction to Sensors for Ranging and Imaging

    Graham Brooker  2009

    This is a comprehensive textbook and reference that provides a solid background in active sensing technology. Beginning with a historical overview and an introductory section on signal generation, filtering and modulation, it follows with a section on radiometry (infrared and microwave) as a background to the active sensing process.

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    Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging

    Principles, algorithms and applications  
    Victor C. Chen, Marco Martorella  2014

    This book is based on the latest research on ISAR imaging of moving targets and non-cooperative target recognition (NCTR). With a focus on the advances and applications, it provides readers with a working knowledge of various algorithms of ISAR imaging of targets and implementation with MATLAB.

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    Ionospheric Radio

    Kenneth Davies  1990

    This book introduces the reader to basic wave theory in absorbing, anisotropic and dispersive media and to the physics of production, loss, and movement of plasma in the ionosphere presence of the geomagnetic field.

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    Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design, 2nd Edition

    Randy Bancroft  2009

    This book covers 'basic designs' in more detail than books that skip important electrical properties and implementation aspects. Numerous additions make the concepts even clearer. New cavity model analysis equations of circular polarization bandwidth, axial ratio bandwidth and power fraction bandwidth have been included.