Discount code (coupon) FAQs

My coupon couldn’t be applied.  Why is this?

There are many reasons that a discount code has not worked.  Please check the following details:

  • The spelling of the discount code is correct, and if you have copied and pasted it, that there are no spaces before or after the code
  • The discount expiry date. This should be in the small print of the communication that you received promoting the discount
  • The book you are buying is included in the offer. Not all books are included in every offer.  Please check that the book you are interested in is included before proceeding
  • The terms of the offer. If the offer is a bundle deal, or for certain titles only, please check that you have met the requirements of the offer in order for the discount code to work correctly.


The bar at the top of the screen says that my coupon has been applied, but the discount is not showing on my order total.  Why is this?

Please check the following details:

  • Make sure you are logged into the site, as your details will be checked before a discount is added. You can log in via the link at the top of the screen
  • Discounts cannot usually be combined (you can only receive one applicable discount on any title). If you are an IET member, you will automatically be getting the discounted member price (view member benefits) on your purchase, and no further discounts can be applied.
    • This also means that if you’ve already used a different discount code for one or more of the same products in your cart, you will only receive the highest of the available discounts
  • If none of the above apply, and you are still not shown any discount, please contact customer services at with the details of the promotion and the product(s) that you are trying to order.