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    Expected by: 01 January 2024

    Interactions of Wind Turbines with Aviation Radio and Radar Systems

    Alan Collinson  2024

    Analysing and conveying the interactions of wind turbines with aviation radar and radio systems, this much-needed book provides knowledge about aviation systems to facilitate analysis of the impact of turbines, existing and future technologies for mitigation, and general analytical techniques.

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    Expected by: 01 December 2023

    Power System Strength

    Evaluation methods, best practice, case studies, and applications  
    Hassan Haes Alhelou, Nasser Hosseinzadeh, Behrooz Bahrani  2023

    The comprehensive resource on measuring and improving the strength of power systems with distributed generation and loads. Covering the latest evaluation methods, best practice, case studies, and applications, the book enables researchers to advance the movement towards stable clean power systems.

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    Expected by: 01 November 2023

    Green HV Switching Technologies for Modern Power Networks

    Kaveh Niayesh  2023

    This concise review covers the recent advances in development of environmentally friendly high voltage switching equipment, addressing both AC and DC interruption in modern power networks. Applications of DC at different voltage levels for various purposes are covered.

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    Distributed Energy Storage in Urban Smart Grids

    Paulo F. Ribeiro, Rafael S. Salles  2023

    Offering a comprehensive and structured overview of deploying energy storage for renewables in urban areas, this book covers grid resilience, EV usage and charging infrastructure, standards and grid codes, monitoring and power quality, hosting capacity, intelligent electricity markets, and integrated operation.

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    Synchrophasor Technology

    Real-time operation of power networks  
    Nand Kishor, Soumya R. Mohanty  2023

    This work conveys the use of time synchronized measurements of voltages or currents for planning and operation of electricity grids. Such so-called synchrophasors are key to managing complex grids with rising shares of intermittent renewables and varying loads from EV.

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    Lightning Electromagnetics, 2nd Edition

    Volume 1: Return stroke modelling and electromagnetic radiation  
    Vernon Cooray, Farhad Rachidi, Marcos Rubinstein  2022

    Understanding lightning is of importance due to the increase in extreme weather events. The 2nd edition of this classic work has been thoroughly updated and revised, with new content on EM radiation at various wavelengths. Volume 1 treats electrodynamics, whilst volume 2 addresses effects and modelling.