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    Expected by: 01 October 2022

    Wide Area Monitoring of Interconnected Power Systems, 2nd Edition

    Arturo Román Messina  2022

    This expanded and updated second edition covers advanced data-driven signal processing techniques for the analysis of power system data and transient oscillations in power grids. New content includes new architectures for smart grids and microgrids, multitemporal data fusion, deep learning, multichannel phasor measurement.

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    Expected by: 01 September 2022

    Blockchain Technology for Smart Grids

    Implementation, management and security  
    Gururaj H. L., Ravi Kumar V., Francesco Flammini, Hong Lin, Goutham B., Sunil Kumar B. R., C. Sivapragash  2022

    Blockchain technology for smart grids holds great promise for grid management and secure transactions. Written by an international team, this timely work introduces the concept of blockchain and covers applications in smart grids, including sensors, security and privacy, AI and the use of cryptocurrencies for energy transactions.

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    Expected by: 31 July 2022

    Modelling and Simulation of Complex Power Systems

    Antonello Monti, Andrea Benigni  2022

    Modern power systems are highly complex due to increasing shares of intermittent renewable energy and distributed generation. Research requires computer simulation and modelling, and knowledge of methods and algorithms. This book presents key concepts of modelling and simulation of power systems.

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    Expected by: 21 July 2022

    Electric Fuses, 4th Edition

    Fundamentals and new applications  
    Nigel P.M. Nurse, Arthur Wright, Gordon Newbery  2022

    This 4th edition of the classic reference on electric fuses has been substantially updated. The contents, data, descriptions and illustrations have been revised, and new topics added including fuses for photovoltaic systems, battery storage and electric vehicles.

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    Fusion-Fission Hybrid Nuclear Reactors

    For enhanced nuclear fuel utilization and radioactive waste reduction  
    Weston M. Stacey  2022

    Written by a worldwide expert on nuclear energy, this book is a concise but thorough work on fusion-fission hybrid technology. Chapters review nuclear fission and fusion principles, then explore how to use surplus neutrons from fusion to assist with fission processes, and how to obtain the necessary deuterium and tritium.

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    Expected by: 15 July 2022

    Industrial Demand Response

    Methods, best practices, case studies, and applications  
    Hassan Haes Alhelou, Antonio Moreno-Muñoz, Pierluigi Siano  2022

    Demand response (DR) describes controlled changes in the power consumption whose role is to better match the power demand with the supply. This reference, written by an international team of experts from academia and industry, covers the principles, implementation and applications of DR.