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    Expected by: 01 October 2024

    Clean Energy for Low Income Communities

    Technology, deployment and challenges  
    David S-K. Ting, Jacqueline A. Stagner  2024

    This work supports the goal of achieving affordable and clean energy, with a focus on low income and remote communities. Chapters cover deployment of solar systems, small wind turbines, run-of-river hydropower, storage, water desalination, and case studies.

  •  Preorder
    Expected by: 19 October 2024

    Upgrading Urban Power Grids

    Juan M. Gers  2024

    This comprehensive reference on the urban energy transition covers the technologies available for upgrading urban power grids, which will enable them to work with distributed renewable power and varying loads.

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    Expected by: 01 October 2024

    Intended and Unintended Islanding of Distribution Grids

    Michael Finkel  2024

    The hands-on review of islanding phenomena in electricity grids. Chapters cover definitions and principles of grid types and islanding, causes of formation, operation and stability, network restoration, detection of islanding, grid and plant protection, modelling and simulation, and practical examples.

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    Expected by: 01 August 2024

    Fuzzy Logic Control in Energy Systems, 2nd Edition

    With design examples in Matlab/Simulink ®  
    İsmail Hakkı Altaş  2024

    The new edition of this reference on fuzzy logic for energy systems offers a review of fuzzy logic, and examples in Matlab-Simulink. The new edition covers new topics like shading in PV, and day-ahead estimation of sun and wind data.

  •  Preorder
    Expected by: 01 July 2024


    Technical, ecological, commercial and legal aspects  
    Constantin Klyk, Stephan Schindele  2024

    Using PV modules on top of agricultural fields offers a twofold advantage; generating clean energy and shielding crops. This systematic and comprehensive book provides an overview of agrivoltaics, covering technology as well as social, ecological, economic and regulatory aspects.