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An Introduction to RF Stealth, 2nd Edition

An Introduction to RF Stealth, 2nd Edition

by David Lynch Jr.

This expanded, revised and updated new edition of Introduction to RF Stealth covers two major topics: Low Observables and Low Probability of Intercept (LO and LPI) of radars and data links, collectively sometimes called Stealth. Each chapter includes examples, student exercises and references. Worked simulations are available that illustrate the techniques described.

Chapter 1 provides an introduction and history of RF/microwave LPI/LO techniques and some basic LPI/LO equations, expanded from the first edition with more information on new and current systems, including more on infrared and hypersonic missile signatures. Chapter 2 is a new chapter, covering radiation absorbing materials and shaping, focused on materials, meta-materials and detailed platform shaping and structures including ships. Chapter 3 covers interceptability parameters and analysis with corrections, updates and simulations. Chapter 4 covers current and future intercept receivers and some of their limitations with more information and tracking techniques. Chapter 5 surveys exploitation of both the natural and the threat environment with extensive threat table updates including Russian S300, S400, S500 and more information on cellular systems. Chapter 6 deals with LPIS waveforms and pulse compression with new material and simulations of new codes. Chapter 7 introduces some hardware techniques associated with LO/LPIS low sidelobe / cross section antenna and radome design with emphasis on active electronic scan arrays. Chapter 8 is a new chapter on RCS testing of subsystems and platforms.

About the Author

David Lynch Jr. is an IEEE Life Fellow, senior member of the AIAA, former President of Pioneers of Stealth, and winner of Hyland Award and the Minta Martin Prize. He was involved in stealth programs as technical contributor including LPIR, Have Blue, F-117, Tacit Blue, Advanced Cruise Missile, and many others. Mr. Lynch was an inventor of or contributor to many world firsts, including manned space flight, telecommunications, digital signal processing, SAR, and stealth.

Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 615

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-159-0

Format: HBK

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