• Ocean Remote Sensing Technologies

    High frequency, marine and GNSS-based radar  
    Weimin Huang, Eric W. Gill  2021

    The book provides a systematic introduction to the principles, state-of-the-art methods and applications of high frequency surface/sky wave radar and microwave marine radar, as well as an exploration of ongoing challenges in the field. It is a valuable resource for the radar and remote sensing communities.

  • Smart Road Infrastructure

    Innovative Technologies  
    Runhua Guo  2021

    Smart roads are road infrastructures with integrated structural materials, sensors, information centres, and energy systems. The goals are extending service life and performance, reducing safety risks, and improving service quality. This book brings together the latest research into technologies for novel and smart road infrastructures.

  • Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas for Biomedical Applications

    Lulu Wang  2021

    This book discusses electromagnetic waves and antennas used as diagnostic tools and therapeutic techniques for applications in cancer detection, stroke event detection, GI diagnostics, and cardiovascular risk predictions. It discusses electromagnetic devices, wireless implants, and in vitro and in vivo testing.

  • Handbook of Ventilation Technology for the Built Environment

    Design, control and testing  
    Shi-Jie Cao, Zhuangbo Feng  2021

    This comprehensive research reference summarises and presents the state-of-the-art methods for building ventilation design and control. Cutting-edge research achievements are introduced, including fast ventilation predictions, online monitoring and intelligent control, coupled simulation of urban simulation, and CFD-based adjoint design.

  • Sensors for Ranging and Imaging, 2nd Edition

    Graham Brooker  2021

    This comprehensive textbook and reference provides a solid background in active sensing technology, for graduate students studying sensing systems and industry professionals wishing to expand or update their knowledge. This new edition has been comprehensively updated and expanded to include the latest radar technologies.

  • Shared Mobility and Automated Vehicles

    Responding to socio-technical changes and pandemics  
    Ata M. Khan, Susan Alison Shaheen  2021

    Shared mobility is gaining increasing attention in private and public sectors. Serving as a source of information on how best to shape shared vehicle systems of the future, this book contributes knowledge on key facets of shared mobility. It includes shared vehicle systems as well as shared automated vehicle systems.

  • Metrology for 5G and Emerging Wireless Technologies

    Tian Hong Loh  2021

    This book is the first to focus on metrology for current and future wireless communication technologies. It presents an overview of metrological capabilities and testbeds developed under several UK, EU and international programmes as well as other international efforts for 5G and beyond.

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    Battery State Estimation

    Methods and models  
    Shunli Wang  2021

    Batteries are vital for storing renewable energy for stationary and mobile applications. Managing batteries requires knowledge of parameters such as charge and power output. State estimation estimates such parameters using measurement and modelling; a process conveyed in this book through experimental results and verification.

  • Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources in Microgrids

    Optimisation, control, and hardware-in-the-loop validation  
    Yan Xu, Yu Wang, Cuo Zhang, Zhengmao Li  2021

    A structured research overview of techniques to manage microgrids with distributed energy resources (DERs). The focus is on coordination on both temporal and spatial scales. Chapters cover mathematical models, sizing and siting of DERs, robust optimisation, distributed coordinated control, and hardware-in-the-loop tests.

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    Compressed Air Energy Storage

    Types, systems and applications  
    David S-K. Ting, Jacqueline A. Stagner  2021

    A systematic overview of the state of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) technology, covering the key components and principal types of systems in the order of technical maturity: diabatic, adiabatic, and isothermal. Existing major systems and prototypes and economics are also addressed.

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    Cable Based and Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

    Technology and control, management and grid integration  
    Rajiv Singh, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Sanjeet Dwivedi, Marta Molinas, Frede Blaabjerg  2021

    Electric Vehicles are part of the solution to both reducing urban air pollution and staving off climate change. This book covers the latest in charging technology, both stationary as well as wireless and in-motion. Grid integration, simulations, fast charging, and battery management are also addressed.

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    Offshore Wind Power, 2nd Edition

    Reliability, availability and maintenance  
    Peter Tavner  2021

    The new, thoroughly revised edition of this classic book on offshore wind farm reliability. This work captures the latest developments in turbine and farm design, monitoring, safety and maintenance of a centre pillar of the emerging carbon free energy system.

  • Surge Protection for Low Voltage Systems

    Alain Rousseau  2021

    Protection of low-voltage electrical and electronic equipment and systems from lightning strikes and other power surges is vital for computing, telecommunications, transportation, power grids, distributed energy and charging installations. This systematic treatise covers surge causes, risk assessment, and protective measures.

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    Computer Vision and Recognition Systems Using Machine and Deep Learning Approaches

    Fundamentals, technologies and applications  
    Chiranji Lal Chowdhary, Mamoun Alazab, Ankit Chaudhary, Saqib Hakak, Thippa Reddy Gadekallu  2021

    Written by a team of International experts, this edited book covers state-of-the-art research in the fields of computer vision and recognition systems from fundamental concepts to methodologies and technologies and real-world applications. The book will be useful for industry and academic researchers, scientists and engineers.

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    Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition

    The Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition is ideal for individuals involved in the design and installation of fire detection systems as part of electrical installations. It offers information, advice, and guidance on managing BS 7671 and BS 5839 requirements.

  • Edge Caching for Mobile Networks

    H. Vincent Poor, Wei Chen  2021

    In this comprehensive edited book, the authors introduce edge caching from a theoretical perspective and discuss its role in saving bandwidth. Many physical layer models and techniques, including interference alignment and beamforming, are considered as well as recent advances in intelligent and proactive communication systems.

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    Privacy by Design for the Internet of Things

    Building accountability and security  
    Andrew Crabtree, Hamed Haddadi, Richard Mortier  2021

    In this edited book, the authors delineate the challenges of building accountability into the Internet of Things and solutions for delivering on this critical societal challenge. They explain how the accountability principle impacts IoT development by presenting empirical studies of accountability in action.

  • Silicon Solar Cell Metallization and Module Technology

    Thorsten Dullweber, Loic Tous  2021

    Metallization is a key step in manufacturing of efficient and reliable solar cells. Written by world-wide renowned experts, this work covers metallization technologies, before describing ongoing R&D activities for the most relevant silicon solar cells metallization technologies. Later chapters deal with aspects of solar cell modules.

  • SiC Power Module Design

    Performance, robustness and reliability  
    Alberto Castellazzi, Andrea Irace  2021

    Wide Bandgap semiconductor devices offer higher efficiency, smaller size, less weight, and longer lifetime, with applications in power grid electronics and electromobility. This book describes the state of advanced packaging solutions for novel wide-band-gap semiconductors, specifically silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and diodes.

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    Blockchain for 5G Healthcare Applications

    Security and privacy solutions  
    Sudeep Tanwar  2021

    A secured system for Healthcare 4.0 is vital to all stakeholders, including patients and caregivers. Using the new Blockchain system of trusted ledgers would help guarantee authenticity in the multi-access system that is Healthcare 4.0. This is the first comprehensive book on the topic, which includes coverage of privacy and security.

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    Guide To Smart Homes For Electrical Installers


    This guide clarifies the implementation of smart home solutions and provides good-practice guidance in line with current regulations. It focuses on progressive technology solutions, providing a practical basis for the high-level work taking place in this industry.

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    Model Predictive Control for Microgrids

    From power electronic converters to energy management  
    Jiefeng Hu, Josep Guerrero, Syed Islam  2021

    Model predictive control (MPC) is a method for controlling a process while satisfying a set of constraints. The use of MPC for controlling power systems has been gaining traction in recent years. This work presents the use of MPC for distributed renewable power generation in microgrids.

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    Utility-scale Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

    Ahmad Vasel-Be-Hagh, David S-K. Ting  2021

    Wind power is a pillar of low emission energy systems. Many recent advances have been achieved in multiple aspects of utility-scale wind power. This structured review conveys recent progress involving aerodynamics, layout, control, environmental concerns, forecasting and intermittency, combination with PV and offshore farms.

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    Lithium-ion Batteries Enabled by Silicon Anodes

    Chunmei Ban, Kang Xu  2021

    Deploying lithium-ion batteries depends on cost-effective materials with high energy and power density to facilitate lower weight. Si-based anode materials offer superior storage capacity. This reference presents current knowledge about the use of silicon and its derivates for Li-ion batteries.

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    ICT Solutions and Digitalisation in Ports and Shipping

    Michele Fiorini, Natalie Gupta  2021

    Given the volumes of global ship traffic, solutions are needed to reduce waiting times, costs, energy consumption and emissions. This systematic reference on ICT solutions and digitalisation in the ports and shipping sector covers new and existing technologies, different types of digital systems, and offers examples and case studies.

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    Behavioural Modelling and Simulation of Bicycle Traffic

    Ling Huang, Jianping Wu  2021

    Offering systematic analysis of the movements and behaviours of bicycles and their riders, this book examines data collection and evaluation approaches and then goes on to develop a framework for the theory and modelling of bike traffic. Coverage includes verification techniques, and a chapter on riding characteristics for context.

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    Handbook of Big Data Analytics

    Volume 2: Applications in ICT, security and business analytics  
    Vadlamani Ravi, Aswani Kumar Cherukuri  2021

    This comprehensive edited 2-volume handbook provides a unique platform for researchers, engineers, developers, educators and advanced students in the field of Big Data analytics. The first volume presents methodologies that support Big Data analytics, while the second volume offers a wide range of Big Data analytics applications.

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    Handbook of Big Data Analytics

    Volume 1: Methodologies  
    Vadlamani Ravi, Aswani Kumar Cherukuri  2021

    This comprehensive edited 2-volume handbook provides a unique platform for researchers, engineers, developers, educators and advanced students in the field of Big Data analytics. The first volume presents methodologies that support Big Data analytics, while the second volume offers a wide range of Big Data analytics applications.

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    Space Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    Technologies, advances and applications  
    Yang Gao  2021

    This edited book covers space robotics and autonomous systems (space RAS) from technologies to advances and applications including sensing and perception, mobility, manipulations, high-level autonomy, human-robot interaction, multi-modal interaction, modelling and simulation, and safety and trust.

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    Guide to Smart Homes for Electrical Installers

    This guide clarifies the implementation of smart home solutions and provides good-practice guidance in line with current regulations. It focuses on progressive technology solutions, providing a practical basis for the high-level work taking place in this industry.

  • An Introduction to RF Stealth, 2nd Edition

    David Lynch Jr.  2021

    This expanded, revised and updated new edition covers two major topics: low observables and low probability of intercept (LO and LPI) of Radars and data links, collectively sometimes called stealth. Each chapter includes examples, student exercises, references and counterpart appendices.

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    Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Power Systems

    Fuzzy logic and neural networks  
    Marcelo Godoy Simões  2021

    This book covers the use of fuzzy logic for power grids. Power systems need to accommodate intermittent renewables and changes in loads while ensuring high power quality. Fuzzy logic uses values between 0 and 1 rather than binary ones, offering advantages in adaptability for energy systems with renewables.

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    Overhead Electric Power Lines

    Theory and practice  
    Surajit Chattopadhyay, Arabinda Das  2021

    Overhead power lines are the only way to electrify many communities. Massive experience has been gained with electrification projects that can be used world-wide. This work presents the technology of overhead power lines, including sag, insulators, conductors, lightning, and grounding.

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    ReRAM-based Machine Learning

    Hao Yu, Leibin Ni, Sai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarrao  2021

    Serving as a bridge between researchers in the computing domain and computing hardware designers, this book presents ReRAM techniques for distributed computing using IMC accelerators, ReRAM-based IMC architectures for machine learning (ML) and data-intensive applications, and strategies to map ML designs onto hardware accelerators.

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    Advances in Communications Satellite Systems

    Proceedings of The 37th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC-2019)  
    Ifiok Otung, Thomas Butash, Tetsushi Ikegami  2021

    This book gathers the contributions from The 37th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC-2019) held in October 2019 with highlights including high speed optical communications and feeder links, advanced digital payloads, broadband satellite communication architectures and applications.

  • Holographic Staring Radar

    Gordon Oswald, Chris Baker  2021

    The book introduces various forms of staring radar, which include the earliest and simplest forms of electromagnetic surveillance and its users. It next summarises the physical laws under which all radar operates, and the requirements that these systems need to meet to fulfil a range of applications.

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    Voice Biometrics

    Technology, trust and security  
    Carmen García-Mateo, Gérard Chollet  2021

    This edited book presents the state of the art in voice biometrics research and technologies including implementation and deployment challenges in terms of interoperability, scalability and performance, and security.

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    Ground Penetrating Radar

    Improving sensing and imaging through numerical modeling  
    X. Lucas Travassos, Mario F. Pantoja, Nathan Ida  2021

    This book takes the reader through the development of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system, stressing the parameters that can be optimized and explaining the theory behind the GPR assessment. The authors provide a detailed discussion of the support tools and the numerical modeling of the system to improve readings from GPR systems.

  • Light Filaments

    Structures, challenges and applications  
    Jean-Claude Diels, Martin C. Richardson, Ladan Arissian  2021

    Light filaments created by lasers were first identified at the end of the twentieth century, and investigators are now beginning to explore new applications for them. This book is organized from general overviews to more specialized topics, and presents potential applications in optics, machining, atmospheric study and defence.