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Small Wind and Hydrokinetic Turbines

Small Wind and Hydrokinetic Turbines

Edited by Philip Clausen, Jonathan Whale, David Wood

There is huge potential for smaller wind turbines to provide clean energy around the world. Small wind turbines come in a variety of designs, and have similarities in principles and technology to small hydrokinetic turbines (SHKTs). SHKTs, in turn, can play an important role in hydropower. Small wind and hydrokinetic systems can even work together, for example, to power farms, communities, campuses, rural as well as remote rural areas, and island regions.

This concise book, written by experts in the field, provides an in-depth overview of small turbines for wind and hydropower. Chapters cover resource assessment for wind and water, turbine technology, design of vertical and horizontal axis turbines, blade element analysis, vibration-based energy harvesting, very low head turbines, diffuser augmented wind turbines, and numerous case studies.

Small Wind and Hydrokinetic Turbines is a valuable summary for researchers involved with small wind turbines and SHKT development and deployment, both in academia and industry, for research on powering remote areas, as well as for advanced students and manufacturers of turbines.

About the Editors

Philip Clausen is currently the acting head of the School of Engineering at The University of Newcastle, Australia. His research expertise includes small wind turbine dynamics and fatigue testing, and issues related to small wind turbine blades.

Jonathan Whale is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Energy at Murdoch University, Australia. Previously, he worked for the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy on commercialisation of wind turbines. He has been a member of International Energy Agency Task groups on small and distributed wind turbines and has contributed to international design standards for wind turbines. His research focuses on the impact of inflow turbulence on the performance of wind turbines.

David Wood is the Schulich Chair in Renewable Energy at the University of Calgary, Canada. His research activities include renewable energy, primarily wind turbine aerodynamics, and renewable energy integration. He is the author of a book on small wind turbines and has co-authored numerous journal papers and book chapters on various aspects of their analysis, design, and manufacture. He is a Director of the Wind Energy Institute of Canada.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 479

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-071-5

Format: HBK

Editors: Philip Clausen, Jonathan Whale, David Wood

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