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    Clean Energy

    Past to future  
    Peter Tavner  2023

    An account of the engineering history of extracting energy from our environment in sustainable ways, this book describes the status of energy usage, then reviews energy demands through history, covering science, engineering, and electricity, with graphical and schematic data presentation.

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    Offshore Wind Power, 2nd Edition

    Reliability, availability and maintenance  
    Peter Tavner  2021

    The new, thoroughly revised edition of this classic book on offshore wind farm reliability. This work captures the latest developments in turbine and farm design, monitoring, safety and maintenance of a centre pillar of the emerging carbon free energy system.

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    Wave and Tidal Generation Devices

    Reliability and availability  
    Peter Tavner  2017

    To some extent the wave and tidal generation industry is following in the wake of the wind industry, learning from the growing experience of offshore wind farm deployment. This book combines wind industry lessons with wave and tidal field knowledge to explore the main reliability and availability issues facing this growing industry.

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    Offshore Wind Turbines

    Reliability, availability and maintenance  
    Peter Tavner  2012

    Offshore Wind Turbines clearly presents the facts and figures of wind turbine operation and maintenance in the inclement offshore environment.