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Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems, 2nd Edition

LED lighting is a fast-developing technology with advantages over filament and gas discharge lighting systems in areas such as energy efficiency, controllability and longevity. However, inappropriate design, application and poor-quality installation of LED lighting systems could negate these advantages and result in inadequate lighting, failure to meet lifetime performance expectations, potential public health and safety issues or even interference with other technology due to poor systems integration.

This 2nd edition of the IET's Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems has been updated to reflect new standards and guidance including, but not limited to; asset management, application and testing, performance, power management, dimming and flicker, communication protocols (DALI2) and wireless networking and controls. As well as considerations regarding health and biologically effective lighting. Readership includes all those responsible for design, installation, integration, and management of lighting systems.

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IET Codes and Guidance

Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 130

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-084-5

Format: PBK

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