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Voice Biometrics, Technology, trust and security

Voice Biometrics

Technology, trust and security  

Edited by Carmen García-Mateo, Gérard Chollet

Voice biometrics are being implemented globally in large scale applications such as remote banking, government e-services, transportation and building security access, autonomous vehicles, and healthcare. They have been integrated in numerous apps, often coupled with face biometrics and artificial intelligence methods. Voice biometrics products and solutions must meet three key requirements for the success in their deployment: they must be highly trustable regarding privacy protection; easy to use and always be available.

This edited book presents the state of the art in voice biometrics research and technologies including implementation and deployment challenges in terms of interoperability, scalability and performance, and security. The team of editors and chapter authors combine a wealth of expertise from academia and the industry. Topics covered include the fundamentals of voice biometrics; design of countermeasures for replay attack; attacker's perspective for voice biometrics; voice biometrics; speaker de-identification; performance evaluation of voice biometrics solutions; standardization of voice biometrics technology; industry perspectives; joining forces of voice and facial biometrics; and future trends and challenges in voice biometrics.

Providing comprehensive coverage of the field of voice biometrics, this authoritative volume will be of great interest to researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners and advanced students involved in the fields of security, biometrics, forensic sciences, human computer interaction, speech processing, acoustics, multimedia, pattern recognition, and privacy-preserving, digital signal processing and speech technologies. It will also be of interest to researchers and professionals working in law and criminology.

About the Editors

Carmen García-Mateo is a professor in the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the University of Vigo (Spain) and the director of the Multimedia Research Group (GTM). Her research interests include Speech Technology, Audio Segmentation and Biometrics. She was the recipient of the '2014 Xunta de Galicia Josefa Wonenburger Award' for her outstanding career in the fields of science and technology. She received her PhD Degree from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain.

Gérard Chollet is VP of Research at Intelligent Voice, UK. His main research interests include Phonetics, Automatic Audio-Visual Speech Processing, Spoken Dialog Systems, Multimedia, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics, Privacy-Preserving Digital Signal Processing, Speech Pathology and Speech Training Aids. In 1983, he joined a newly created CNRS research unit at ENST (Telecom-ParisTech within the Institut Mines-Telecom). In 1992 he was asked to participate in the development of IDIAP, a new research laboratory of the Fondation Dalle Molle in Martigny, Switzerland. In July 2012 the CNRS granted him an emeritus status. He holds a PhD Degree in Computer Science and Linguistics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

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Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 267

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-900-7

Format: HBK

Editors: Carmen García-Mateo, Gérard Chollet

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