Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas for Biomedical Applications

Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas for Biomedical Applications

Edited by Lulu Wang

Electromagnetic waves have long been used in medical settings for diagnostic purposes, such as for the detection of cancerous tissues, stroke events or cardiovascular risk, as the behaviour of the waves upon meeting their target gives pertinent information for diagnostic and imaging purposes.

This edited book presents advances in the use of electromagnetic waves and antennas in healthcare settings, both as diagnostic tools (such as radar-based imaging, holographic microwave imaging, thermoacoustic imaging systems), and therapeutic interventions (such as microwave ablation therapies for cancer).

Written by an international team of biomedical engineering researchers, it discusses all aspects related to the design and modelling of electromagnetic imaging techniques, electromagnetic devices, wireless implants, wearable systems and wireless sensor networks and in vitro and in vivo testing.

Design issues for wearable antennas, wearable sensors, magnetic coils and coil array issues are explored and biomedical applications such as cancer detection, stoke event detection, GI diagnostics, and cardiovascular risk prediction are discussed. The book also explores scattering problems of electromagnetic waves between different tissues, and how these complex scattering problems can be resolved.

This book will be of interest to researchers and engineers in the electromagnetic wave community, those in antenna research, biomedical engineering and related fields.

About the Editors

Lulu Wang is a full professor at Shenzhen Technology University, China. Dr Wang a member of ASME, IEEE, AAAS, PSNZ, and IPENZ. Her research interests include medical devices, electromagnetic sensing and imaging. Over the past five years, Dr Wang has published 60 peer-reviewed publications, 2 ASME books, 7 book chapters, and 12 innovation patents. She has edited 4 books and 2 special issues of international journals.

Item Subjects:
Healthcare Technologies

Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 450

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-167-5

Format: HBK

Editors: Lulu Wang

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