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Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Machines

Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Machines

Edited by J.O. Gray, D.G. Caldwell

The term 'advanced robotics' came in the 1980s to describe the application of advanced sensors and new developments in cognitive science and artificial intelligence to the traditional robot. Today, advanced robots have come far beyond the limitations of the crude 'pick-and-place' machines of the 1980s assembly line, and have a vast range of applications in manufacturing, construction and health care, as well as hostile environments such as space, underwater and nuclear applications.

This book provides an essential overview of developments in the basic technologies, looking at recent applications and highlighting a number of advanced concepts and procedures that may influence future developments. The emphasis is on developments in Europe, although the book is also relevant to activities in the USA, Japan and elsewhere. With such a wide and dynamic field, it does not attempt to provide a comprehensive guide; rather, it addresses many key elements of the technology to furnish a complete introduction for both postgraduate students and practising engineers attracted to the challenges of the domain.

About the Editors

John Gray is Professor of Control and Systems Engineering, Chairman of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Director of the Telford Research Institute at the University of Salford. In 1986 he took part in forming a five-year research programme on advanced robotics, in association with 12 industrial partners who collaborated in the government-sponsored National Advanced Robotics Research Centre (ARRC) at Salford. He served as Research Director of the ARRC, chaired its technical committee and was the main board member of its industrial consortium, Advanced Robotics Research Ltd. He is a member of the permanent international committee of the International Conference on Advanced Robotics and a Fellow of the IEE.

Darwin Caldwell is a Lecturer in Advanced Robotics at the University of Salford. His research interests cover all aspects of robotics, with particular emphasis on dextronus manipulator design, multi-functional tactile sensing and feedback and novel actuator design, with primary applications in the field of tele-presence. He has authored over 50 publications and is an Associate Member of the IEE.

Publication Year: 1996

Pages: 400

ISBN-13: 978-0-85296-853-6

Format: HBK

Editors: J.O. Gray, D.G. Caldwell

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