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Advances in Communications Satellite Systems

Proceedings of The 36th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC-2018)  

Edited by Ifiok Otung, Thomas Butash, Peter Garland

The International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) is one of the most influential technical conferences in the field. The 36th edition was held in October 2018 in Niagara Falls, Canada. These proceedings present a broad spectrum of space communications contributions from the conference, from the evolution of GEO from traditional area coverage to Ultra High Throughput Satellites (UHTS), the growing number of mega constellations expected to enter service in the next decade, navigation applications such as vehicle autonomy, wideband data backhaul from scientific and remote sensing payloads in LEO, and the extension of the 5G and beyond network to near earth, lunar and deep space environments in support of human exploration.

About the Editors

Professor Ifiok Otung is Professor of Satellite Communications at the University of South Wales (USW), UK. His areas of expertise include Mobile & Satellite Communication Systems and Radiowave Propagation. He is a Chartered Engineer with a broad and international experience of research and teaching at various universities in Europe and Africa. He earned his PhD in Satellite Communications from the University of Surrey, UK. He has written several advanced books including 'Digital Communications Principles and Systems' (IET, 2014). He is a member of the IET and AIAA.

Dr Thomas Butash founded Innovative Aerospace IS in 2011 to provide consulting services on state-of-the-art aerospace information systems (IS), with a focus on communications satellite systems design. Previously, he was a Technical Director and Engineering Fellow at BAE Systems (formerly Lockheed Martin, Loral and IBM) Space Systems & Electronics, with more than 30 years' experience in communications satellite systems development. He has authored numerous papers, co-authored a textbook on optimal signal processing, holds four patents on digital communications signal processing and numerous professional awards. He Chairs the AIAA Communications Systems Technical Committee's ICSSC Steering Subcommittee and is an AIAA Fellow and received the BS, MS and Ph.D. EE from the University of Maryland.

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Editors: Ifiok Otung, Thomas Butash, Peter Garland

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