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Corrugated Horns for Microwave Antennas

Corrugated Horns for Microwave Antennas

by P.J.B. Clarricoats, A.D. Olver

Over the last twenty years Corrugated horns have become widely used as feeds for microwave reflector antennas because of their high efficiency, good pattern symmetry and low cross-polarisation. They are increasingly used in antennas for satellite communications, radar, microwave point to point communications and radio astronomy.

The authors draw on more than fifteen years experience to write the first book to appear devoted to the theory and design of corrugated horns and scalar feeds.

The book explains why hybrid mode feeds are ideal feeds for reflectors. The propagation and radiation behaviour of cylindrical corrugated waveguides, narrow flare angle conical corrugated horns and wide flare angle corrugated horns are described. Factors relevant to the practical design of corrugated horns are discussed. Other topics treated include the measurement of corrugated horns.

About the Author

Professor Peter Clarricoats is the Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queen Mary College in the University of London. He is a past Chairman of the Electronics Division of the IEE and has also chaired the European Microwave Conference and the IEE International Conference on Antennas and Propagation. He has been an Editor of Electronics Letters since its foundation in 1965 and is one of the Editors of the Electromagnetic Wave Series in which this volume appears.

Dr David Olver is Reader in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queen Mary College. He is Chairman of the IEE Professional Group on Antennas and Propagation and is an Editor of IEE Proceedings 'Microwaves Optics and Antennas'. He was one of the Editors of 'The Handbook of Antenna Design'.

Publication Year: 1984

Pages: 244

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-003-1

Format: HBK

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