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Designing Electronic Systems for EMC

Designing Electronic Systems for EMC

by William G. Duff

This handbook outlines the factors that must be considered in designing circuits, equipment, and systems for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It teaches circuit and system designers practical approaches to thwart the ever present culprit of electromagnetic interference (EMI). By emphasizing the fundamentals, it provides information that will help readers understand the rationale that forms the basis for many of the EMC practices and procedures. There is much information about these topics available in disparate forms (journal articles, symposia proceedings, etc.) but this book brings the critical knowledge into a single source for battling EMI.

The goal of all device and system designs that must function in an electromagnetic environment (i.e. radio, TV, radar, navigation, and communications) is to operate without adversely affecting other electronic equipment or systems. The inverse is also true. The requirement for sharing spectrum has reached international levels of concern and it must be dealt with in proportion to the safety and economic impact involved. Designing Electronic Systems for EMC outlines how.

About the Author

Dr. William G. Duff is the President of SEMTAS Corporation and is internationally recognized as a leader in the development of engineering technology for achieving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in communication and electronic systems. He has 42 years of experience in electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic vulnerability (EMI/EMV) analysis, test, design, and problem solving for a wide variety of communication and electronic systems.

He has written more than 40 technical papers and four books on EMC. He also regularly teaches seminar courses in EMC. He is an IEEE Fellow, Past President of the IEEE EMC Society, and a NARTE Certified EMC Engineer.

Publication Year: 2011

Pages: 304

ISBN-13: 978-1-891121-42-5

Format: HBK

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