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Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Small Apertures: Applications to transmission, absorption, and scattering resonances

Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Small Apertures

Applications to transmission, absorption, and scattering resonances  

by Young Ki Cho

This book deals with low-frequency diffraction characteristics of small aperture structures such as a narrow slit and a small hole and their periodic structures, with emphasis on the transmission maximum phenomena through those structures. A narrow slit structure in a conducting plane has been used as a simple model for a narrow slot planar antenna, for example, whereas a small hole structure has been widely used as an aperture-coupling element in a transmission cavity filter or a directional coupler in the microwave regime.

In writing this book, the author has aimed to provide a guide that will be useful in understanding a wide variety of resonance-related device technologies in the microwave and optics areas. The structure of the book is loosely divided into three parts: (1) transmission resonance (Chapters 3, 4, and 5), (2) absorption resonance (Chapter 6), and (3) scattering resonance (Chapter 7).

It is hoped that this book will help students and researchers in applied electromagnetics to understand the underlying physics of the various resonance phenomena in microwaves and optics. The readers are assumed to be equipped with basic knowledge of electromagnetism, microwave circuit theory, antenna theory, and numerical methods such as method of moments (MoM).

About the Author

Young Ki Cho is an emeritus professor at Kyungpook National University, where he worked in the Department of Electronics until his retirement in 2020. He taught applied electromagnetics including antenna and microwave engineering. In 2008 he served as the president of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science. From 1994 to 2012, he also served as the official member of commission B (fields and waves) and the president of the Korea URSI committee consecutively.

Publication Year: 2023

Pages: 298

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-809-3

Format: HBK

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