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Guide To Energy Management in the Built Environment (VS)

Guide To Energy Management in the Built Environment


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The Guide to Energy Management aims to provide clear and concise information that can be developed and applied to a number of different installations.

The duties and responsibilities of an energy manager are evolving. Some organisations, typically larger estates and corporations, will have a clearly defined role for managing energy; others will fall into the role as one more responsibility amongst many, typically within smaller companies.

The requirements outlined within this Guide will assist the reader to understand the context of their own estates and adapt the process to reduce the consumption of energy in a meaningful way.

Why choose the e-book?

  • Simple access with all content available on and offline, no matter where you’re working
  • Personalisation with bookmarks and the ability to add notes throughout
  • Easy referencing, with page layouts that match the printed books

Item Subjects:
IET Codes and Guidance

Publication Year: 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-431-6

Format: DIG

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