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Economic Evaluation of Projects in the Electricity Supply Industry, 2nd Edition

Economic Evaluation of Projects in the Electricity Supply Industry, 2nd Edition

by Hisham Khatib

In the highly capital-intensive electricity supply industry, it is essential that both engineers and managers understand the methodologies of project evaluation in order to comprehend and analyse investment proposals and decisions. This fully revised and updated edition of Economic Evaluation of Projects in the Electricity Supply Industry (1996) takes a broad introductory approach, covering market and environmental issues, financial analysis and evaluation, and clean environmental technologies and costs. New topics include electricity trading and risk management, evolving electricity utilities and new and future generation technologies in a carbon-constrained world.

Written primarily for engineers to assist them in evaluating economics of power projects and their environmental implications, the book will also be of value to economists and financial analysts needing an understanding of the area.

About the Author

Hisham Khatib has 45 years of experience in energy and the electricity supply industry as an engineer and economist. In the 1980s, he was Director General and later Chairman of the Jordan Electricity Authority. For many years he was Minister of Energy as well as Minister of Planning in the Government of Jordan. He is presently Vice Chairman of Jordan Electricity Regulatory Commission and is a past Vice Chairman of the World Energy Council (WEC). He has authored around 100 engineering/economic articles and two books on the economics of the electricity supply industry. He is well known for his international activities on global energy, electrical power and their environmental impact, and is a Fellow of both the IET and the IEEE.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2014

Pages: 232

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-304-9

Format: HBK

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