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Electrical Steels, Volume 2: Performance and applications

Electrical Steels

Volume 2: Performance and applications  

by Anthony Moses, Philip Anderson, Keith Jenkins, Hugh Stanbury

Electrical steels are critical components of magnetic cores used in applications ranging from large rotating machines, including energy generating equipment, and transformers to small instrument transformers and harmonic filters. Presented over two volumes, this comprehensive handbook provides full coverage of the state-of-the-art in electrical steels.

Volume 2 describes performance and outlines applications of electrical steels. Topics covered include localised characteristics of electrical steels; practical properties of electrical steels; other electrical steels; prediction of losses in electrical steels; application of electrical steels in transformer cores; applications of electrical steels in rotating electrical machines; non-sinusoidal magnetisation and applications; magnetic building factors in electrical steel cores; use of amorphous ribbon and nano-materials in transformer cores; electrical machine core vibration and noise; approaches to predictions and measurements of flux density and loss distributions in electrical machine cores; the application of international standards to magnetic alloys and steels; electrical steels and renewable energy systems; environmental impact of electrical steels; and typical performance data of commercial electrical steels.

The companion Volume 1 covers the fundamentals and basic concepts of electrical steels.

About the Author

Anthony Moses is Emeritus Professor of Magnetics at Cardiff University, UK where he was previously Director of the Wolfson Centre for Magnetics. He has overseen numerous research projects and supervised over 100 postgraduate projects focused on the properties, characterisation and applications of soft magnetic materials.

Philip Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Magnetics and Materials Group at Cardiff University's School of Engineering, and is a member of the British and International Standards Committees on Magnetic Alloys and Steels.

Keith Jenkins worked at British Steel Electrical Steels Research Department, Orb Works for 35 years in various technical and research roles and recently became an honorary visiting professor at Cardiff University.

Hugh Stanbury was Technical Manager at Orb Electrical Steels, Cogent Power Ltd. He is Chair of the British Standards Institution Technical Committee for Magnetic Alloys and Steels and is a former Chair of the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 68 for Magnetic Alloys and Steels.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2019

Pages: 664

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-972-4

Format: HBK

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