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Energy Storage for Power Systems, 2nd Edition

Energy Storage for Power Systems, 2nd Edition

by A.G. Ter-Gazarian

The supply of energy from primary sources is not constant and rarely matches the pattern of demand from consumers. Electricity is also difficult to store in significant quantities. Therefore, secondary storage of energy is essential to increase generation capacity efficiency and to allow more substantial use of renewable energy sources that only provide energy intermittently. Lack of effective storage has often been cited as a major hurdle to substantial introduction of renewable energy sources into the electricity supply network. The author presents here a comprehensive guide to the different types of storage available. He not only shows how the use of the various types of storage can benefit the management of a power supply system, but also considers more substantial possibilities that arise from integrating a combination of different storage devices into a system. This book will be important to those seeking to develop environmentally sound energy resources.

About the Author

Dr Andrei G. Ter-Gazarian is the director general of El Project Ltd. In this capacity he has made more than 25 projects concerning generation units and transmission lines system integration, power management and metrology. Among them there were such projects as 'Examination of proposed usage of the Siberia-Europe transmission line' and 'Renewable energy sources' role for power supply in the Arctic region'.

He used to work at the Department of Power Systems Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI). During his 15-year tenure at MEI he published more than 40 papers and he holds ten patents in the field of energy storage application in electrical power systems.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2011

Pages: 296

ISBN-13: 978-1-84919-219-4

Format: PBK

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