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High Voltage Power Transformers

High Voltage Power Transformers

State of the art and technological innovations  

by Marino Sforna, Stefano Zunino, Fabrizio Ferrari

Power transformers are static devices transferring electrical energy between two circuits with separate systems of alternating voltages, by means of electromagnetic induction. They are used to connect power networks and components with different voltage levels. Transformers are essential components for the transmission, distribution, and utilization of electric power in large power grids, which are facing increasingly demanding requirements for power quality, integration of renewable sources and demand side management. Transformers benefit of the recent technological developments in components, design and construction.

High Voltage Power Transformers: State of the art and technological innovations describes the characteristics of design, manufacturing, and operation of large power transformers for high-voltage electrical networks, including autotransformers and shunt reactors. The topics covered include design solutions, criteria for the choice of main components (such as magnetic core, wires and windings, insulating parts, principal accessories), the aspects of dielectric, magnetic and thermal and noise requirements at specification, design and installation stages; moreover, the effects of DC components on converter transformers for VSC systems are dealt with.

The book provides information to assist readers in understanding and reducing risks in operation, and in taking advantage of opportunities arising from technological developments in transformer R&D for the emerging clean power system. It is particularly suitable for researchers and experts in academia, utilities and manufacturing, and advanced students in EE subjects.

About the Author

Marino Sforna is presently head of the power system risk management unit at TSO TERNA, Italy, one of the largest transmission system operators in the world. He joined the former national power company ENEL in 1982; from 1987 to 1997, he was with the R&D Dept, and from 1997 to 2001, deputy manager of an Italian area control center and later, responsible for grid defence, restoration, protection systems, and control.

Stefano Zunino is a senior expert on power system components and electric devices and risk manager at TSO TERNA, Italy. Previously, he worked on power system protection at Siemens. He has been a member of CIGRE since 2008 and of CEI since 2009. He is an expert in several IEC technical committees in charge of standardization of electric components, including TC 14 about power transformers, and he is Secretary of TC 33 about power capacitors.

Fabrizio Ferrari is a senior consultant working with organisations such as CESI, major utilities such as EGP and A2A, and for transformer manufacturers including TAMINI Trasformatori S.r.l. He has experience in small, medium and large power transformers and their main HV, MV and LV components. He serves as member of several specialist groups such as CIGRE A.2 and T&D Europe, and he is chairman of the "Transformers Group" in ANIE Energia.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2024

Pages: 348

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-811-7

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