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MEMS Resonator Filters

MEMS Resonator Filters

Edited by Rajendra M. Patrikar

The use of MEMS resonators for signal processing is relatively new and has the potential to change the topology of newer generation circuits. New materials, design and fabrication processes, and integration with conventional circuitry will need to be considered.

This book explores the challenges and opportunities of developing circuits with MEMS resonator filters. The replacement of classical electrical components with electromechanical components is explored in this book, and the specific properties of MEMS resonators required in various frequency ranges are discussed. Materials and their selection, CAD tools for system design and the integration of MEMS with CMOS circuitry, and the design, fabrication, testing and packaging of MEMS filters themselves are addressed in detail.

Case studies where resonator MEMS have been used as components have been included to encourage readers to consider the practical applications of this technology.

MEMS Resonator Filters is essential reading for the analogue circuit designer community, particularly those who are designing circuits for wireless communications, and CMOS technology researchers and engineers who are involved in the fabrication of circuits. Designers of sensors and interfacing circuits will also be interested since resonators are also being used as sensors.

About the Editors

Rajendra M. Patrikar is a professor of electronics at the Center of VLSI and Nanotechnology, VNIT Nagpur, India. He has published about 45 papers in International Journals and 85 papers in international refereed conferences and 20 papers in national conferences. He is a Fellow of IETE, Life member of ISSS, senior member of IEEE and Member of SPIE and ISA. He is also involved in the incubation of technology companies at VNIT.

Publication Year: 2020

Pages: 432

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-896-3

Format: HBK

Editors: Rajendra M. Patrikar

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