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Oscillator Design and Computer Simulation, 2nd Edition

Oscillator Design and Computer Simulation, 2nd Edition

by Randall W. Rhea

This second edition of the number one guide to oscillator design presents a comprehensive, unified approach to oscillator design that can be used with a wide range of active devices and resonator types. Resonator types covered include: L-C, crystal, SAW, dielectric resonator, coaxial line, stripline and microstrip. This text covers modern CAD synthesis and analysis techniques and is valuable to experienced engineers as well as to those new to oscillator design. The books topics include: Analysis fundamentals, oscillator fundamentals, limiting and starting, biasing, noise, computer simulation and examples and case studies.

About the Author

Randall W. Rhea is the founder of Eagleware Corporation, which specializes in developing and marketing fast, easy and affordable RF and microwave design software. In the course of more than 30 years of experience in RF design, he has held engineering positions with Scientific Atlanta, Inc., the Boeing Company and Goodyear Aerospace. Mr Rhea is also the author of HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation.

Publication Year: 1995

Pages: 320

ISBN-13: 978-1-884932-30-4

Format: HBK

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