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Practical Communication Theory, 2nd Edition

Practical Communication Theory, 2nd Edition

by Dave Adamy

Practical Communication Theory, 2nd Edition enables the reader to quickly and easily generate the answers to real-world problems encountered in specifying, testing, and fielding any type of systems that involve radio propagation. It deals with free space radio propagation and propagation near the ground and over the ridge lines. As a bonus, this book also includes a special antenna and propagation slide rule, with unique scales, along with detailed explanations, and examples, of how to use it.

Now in its second edition, Practical Communication has been updated to include new material on radio propagation near the earth in communication bands, which also explains how to use the slide rule scales for each of the appropriate propagation modes. The section on dynamic range has been expanded and there is additional material on knife-edge diffraction. The appendices have also been updated to include extra propagation formulae and graphs.

About the Author

Dave Adamy is an internationally recognised expert in electronic warfare. He has 50 years of experience as a systems engineer and program technical director, developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from QRC to high reliability. For the last 30 years, he has run his own company, performing studies for the US Government and defense contractors. He has also presented a number of courses in the US, Europe and Australia on Electronic Warfare and related subjects. He has published over 330 professional articles on Electronic Warfare, receiver system design and closely related subjects, including the popular EW101 column in the Journal of Electronic Defense. He has 15 books in print and is a past National President of the Association of Old Crows.

Publication Year: 2014

Pages: 176

ISBN-13: 978-1-61353-186-0

Format: HBK

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