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Principles of Modern Radar: Volume 1: Basic principles, 2nd Edition (e-book)

Principles of Modern Radar (e-book)

Volume 1: Basic Principles, 2nd Edition  

Edited by Mark A. Richards, William L. Melvin

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The second edition of Principles of Modern Radar Volume 1: Basic Principles is a comprehensive textbook for courses on radar systems and technology at the college senior and graduate student level. It is also a professional training and self-study textbook for engineers switching to a career in radar as well as a professional reference for current radar engineers. It is unique in its breadth of coverage, its emphasis on current methods and its careful balance of qualitative explanation and quantitative rigor appropriate to its intended audience.

The book focuses on four key areas:

  • Basic concepts such as the radar range equation and threshold detection.
  • Radar signal phenomenology, such as radar cross section models, clutter echo, atmospheric effects and Doppler effects.
  • Descriptions of all the major subsystems of modern radars such as the antenna, transmitter, and receiver, and including modern architectural elements such as exciters and advanced signal processors.
  • Signal and data processing techniques, from digital signal processing fundamentals to detection, Doppler processing, waveforms and pulse compression, basic imaging concepts and measurement and tracking fundamentals.

The popular first edition of Principles of Modern Radar has been completely updated to remain current with new developments in radar hardware technology, signal processing and applications, while maintaining its focus on timeless basic principles.

About the Editors

Mark A. Richards is a retired independent consultant and educator based in the USA.

William L. Melvin is director of the Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA.

Publication Year: 2022

Pages: 1152

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-766-0

Format: DIG

Editors: Mark A. Richards, William L. Melvin

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