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Road Pricing, Technologies, economics and acceptability

Road Pricing

Technologies, economics and acceptability  

Edited by John Walker

Road pricing is increasingly being implemented around the world to combat congestion, curb carbon and other polluting emissions, compensate for falling revenues from fuel duty, improve the efficiency of the existing transport infrastructure, and fund new transport projects.

Road Pricing outlines some of the economic theory behind these schemes, indicates the different kinds of road charging schemes that are possible, describes the electronic technology being used, shows that it is available and already in operational use in many countries, addresses how public acceptability can be achieved, and demonstrates that people will accept road pricing if they understand the reasons for using it, and above all, if they have experienced it in use and understand how it will affect them personally.

There are very few engineering-oriented books in this field, or books aimed at transport planners. This book aims to fill that gap - informing engineers and planners how to prepare for and implement road pricing schemes, which technologies to use, and which technologies are already in use successfully throughout the world. The book also aims to show politicians and policy advisors what has been successfully achieved and what is possible now and in the immediate future.

About the Editors

Dr John Walker is an independent consultant, following a 30-year career with Racal (now Thales) managing collaborative projects in artificial intelligence, software engineering, Intelligent Transport Systems, traffic information broadcasting, and road pricing. His role at Thales as Chief Technical Consultant included business development and project management in road-pricing and ITS. John was an Expert Advisor to Transport for London in their Congestion Charging technology trials. He is currently a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Transportation Research Group at Southampton University, and Honorary Secretary of the Road User Charging Interest Group of ITS(UK). He is also a member of the Executive Team of the IET's Automotive and Road Transport Technical and Professional Network, the editor of two related books, and the editor-in-chief of the IET's book series on Transportation.

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Publication Year: 2018

Pages: 648

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-205-3

Format: HBK

Editors: John Walker

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