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Sea Clutter, Scattering, the K distribution and radar performance, 2nd Edition

Sea Clutter, 2nd Edition

Scattering, the K distribution and radar performance  

by Keith Ward, Robert Tough, Simon Watts

Sea Clutter: Scattering, the K Distribution and Radar Performance, 2nd Edition gives an authoritative account of our current understanding of radar sea clutter. Topics covered include the characteristics of radar sea clutter, modelling radar scattering by the ocean surface, statistical models of sea clutter, the simulation of clutter and other random processes, detection of small targets in sea clutter, imaging ocean surface features, radar detection performance calculations, CFAR detection, and the specification and measurement of radar performance. The calculation of the performance of practical radar systems is presented in sufficient detail for the reader to be able to tackle related problems with confidence. In this second edition the contents have been fully updated and reorganised to give better access to the different types of material in the book. Extensive new material has been added on the Doppler characteristics of sea clutter and detection processing; bistatic sea clutter measurements; electromagnetic scattering theory of littoral sea clutter and bistatic sea clutter; the use of models for predicting radar performance; and use of the K distribution in other fields.

About the Author

Professor Keith Ward has worked on radar and military systems throughout his career with his ideas exploited for in-service radars and remote sensing. He is a Visiting Professor at UCL, in electronics and electrical engineering.

Dr Robert Tough has carried out extensive research in ocean imaging, small target detection, rough surface scattering, detection theory and range profile classification for a number of clients based in the UK and USA.

Professor Simon Watts works for Thales UK and is a Visiting Professor at UCL, in electronics and electrical engineering. His research interests include sea clutter and detection signal processing methods.

Publication Year: 2013

Pages: 584

ISBN-13: 978-1-84919-589-8

Format: HBK

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