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Security and Privacy for Big Data, Cloud Computing and Applications

Edited by Wei Ren, Lizhe Wang, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Fatos Xhafa

As big data becomes increasingly pervasive and cloud computing utilization becomes the norm, the security and privacy of our systems and data becomes more critical with emerging security and privacy threats and challenges. This book presents a comprehensive view on how to advance security and privacy in big data, cloud computing, and their applications. Topics include cryptographic tools, SDN security, big data security in IoT, privacy preserving in big data, security architecture based on cyber kill chain, privacy-aware digital forensics, trustworthy computing, privacy verification based on machine learning, and chaos-based communication systems. This book is an essential reading for networking, computing, and communications professionals, researchers, students and engineers, working with big data and cloud computing.

About the Editors

Wei Ren is a full Professor at the School of Computer Science, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China.

Lizhe Wang is a "ChuTian" Chair Professor at School of Computer Science, China Univ. of Geosciences (CUG).

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo holds the Cloud Technology Endowed Professorship at the University of Texas at San Antonio, USA.

Fatos Xhafa holds a permanent position of Professor Titular d'Universitat (Hab. Full Professor) at the Departament de Ciències de la Computació, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Item Subjects:
Computing and Networks

Publication Year: 2019

Pages: 328

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-747-8

Format: HBK

Editors: Wei Ren, Lizhe Wang, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Fatos Xhafa

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