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Tensorial Analysis of Networks (TAN) Modelling for PCB Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis

Tensorial Analysis of Networks (TAN) Modelling for PCB Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis

Edited by Blaise Ravelo, Zhifei Xu

This book describes a fast, accurate and flexible modelling methodology for PCBs. The model uses the concept of tensorial analysis of networks (TAN) based on Kron's and Kron-Branin's methods adapted for the EMC use by O. Maurice. The TAN approach is applied to the PCB SI and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis.

Each chapter presents a methodology consisting of the problem formulation, classical circuit description, TAN primitive elements, TAN graph topology elaboration, problem metric mathematization and the posed-problem resolution based on Python and Matlab routine algorithms. This methodical approach has been applied to the following topics: basic knowledge to practice TAN for PCB SI/PI/EMC investigation; PCB primitive components analysis with TAN; analytical calculation of PCB trace Z/Y/T/S matrices with TAN approach; fast S-parameter Kron-Branin's modelling of rectangular wave guide (RWG) structure via mesh impedance reduction; time domain TAN modelling of PCB system with Kron's method; direct time-domain analysis with TAN method for PCB modelling; coupling between EM field and multilayer PCB with MKME; conducted emissions (CE) EMC TAN modelling; PCB conducted susceptibility (CS) EMC TAN modelling; PCB radiated susceptibility (RS) EMC TAN modelling; TAN model of loop probe coupling onto shielded coaxial short-cable; nonlinear behaviour conduced EMC model of an ADC based mixed PCB under radio frequency interference (RFI); far-field prediction combining simulations with near-field measurements for EMI assessment of PCBs; and element of information for numerical modelling on PCB.

With its highly systematic approach to addressing TAN modelling methods, this book provides key information and novel solutions to the designers and manufacturers of analogue, RF, digital and mixed signal electronic circuits and systems.

About the Editors

Blaise Ravelo is a professor at NUIST University, China. His research interests include multiphysics and electronics engineering, and he is a pioneer of the negative group delay (NGD) concept. He was research director of nine PhD students and regularly involved in EU R&D&I-projects. He is member of IET Electronics Letters editorial board as circuit & system subject editor, and has (co)authored more than 250 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Zhifei Xu is a postdoctoral researcher at the Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, USA. His research area covers signal integrity, power integrity and EMC analysis with different models on multilayer PCBs. His current publications are focused on the Kron-Branin model for multilayer PCB modeling applications.

Publication Year: 2020

Pages: 400

ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-049-4

Format: HBK

Editors: Blaise Ravelo, Zhifei Xu

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