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Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements

Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements

by Clive Parini, Stuart Gregson, John McCormick, Daniël Janse van Rensburg

This book provides a comprehensive introduction and explanation of both the theory and practice of all forms of modern antenna measurements, from their most basic postulates and assumptions to the intricate details of their application in various demanding modern measurement scenarios.

Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements begins with an initial examination of the properties of antennas that allow them to enhance the free space interaction of electronic systems, followed by an introduction to direct far-field measurements. The text presents a comprehensive treatment of Compact Antenna Test Ranges, Body-Centric measurements, and detailed developments of standard planar, cylindrical and spherical near-field techniques. Detailed discussions are also provided on near-field range error budgets which are an indispensable part of antenna metrology. The book concludes with some of the most recent advances in the various measurement techniques including aperture diagnostics, phase-less antenna metrology, error correction, range multi-path suppression techniques, and gain measurements. Extensive examples illustrate the concepts and techniques.

A large number of antenna test facilities exist worldwide but to the authors' knowledge no single text provides a clear step-by-step description of all the details of the Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical Near-Field, Compact Range and Body-centric Measurement Techniques. All four authors have spent a significant proportion of their professional careers involved with antenna measurements and the aim of this text is to provide the reader with a complete, coherent, comprehensive and practical text that will act as a single reference for all aspects of modern antenna measurements.

About the Author

Clive Parini is Professor of Antenna Engineering at Queen Mary University of London. He has published over 400 papers on antenna research topics and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Stuart Gregson has special experience with near-field antenna measurements, electromagnetic scattering, computational electromagnetics and installed antenna performance prediction. He is with Nearfield Systems Inc. and has a visiting position at Queen Mary University of London.

John McCormick has extensive experience in antenna, RCS and EW research and development from DERA, BAE SYSTEMS and now SELEX ES Edinburgh where he is lead radar systems engineer.

Daniël Janse van Rensburg has extensive experience working as microwave antenna test engineer in the aerospace industry and is with Nearfield Systems Inc. He regularly teaches industry courses on antenna testing and is an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Publication Year: 2014

Pages: 784

ISBN-13: 978-1-84919-560-7

Format: HBK

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