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Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive System

Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive System

by David Finney

This book is intended to explain the technical principles involved in the many AC variable speed drive systems available today. It deals with all the DC link inverter and direct AC to AC converter systems that are in commercial use. The principles of AC motors are considered specifically from the variable frequency point of view, and this chapter concentrates on the effects of harmonics. The different types of power semiconductor switches are considered separately from the drive systems in which they are used.

A total of seven separate and technically different drive systems are considered in such a way that their principles can be fully understood and their performance capabilities explained. Square wave and pulse width modulated DC link inverter systems, cycloconverters and slip power recovery drives are all included in this comprehensive book.

This book has been written so that it can be understood by general engineers, not just by experts in the field. It should therefore be of great use to any engineer involved with variable speed drives in any capacity. It should also be of interest to university and college electrical engineering departments and students.

About the Author

David Finney, B.Sc., CEng., FIEE, is division manager and chief engineer, responsible for large variable speed drive systems, at the G.E.C. Industrial Controls plant in Rugby, England. In this position he is responsible for the development, design and manufacture of large drive systems for use in mining, metals, paper, oil, and chemical industries throughout the world.

He has been technically involved in the power semiconductor field since 1958, when thyristors were only just emerging, and during this time he has worked on all types of thyristor converters and inverter drives from a few kilowatts up to 10,000 kW using natural and forced commutation techniques and operating in square wave and pulse modulated modes.

He has published a number of articles and given lectures around the world in his chosen subject.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 1988

Pages: 404

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-114-4

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