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Advances in Mathematical Methods for Electromagnetics

Advances in Mathematical Methods for Electromagnetics

Edited by Kazuya Kobayashi, Paul Denis Smith

This book covers recent achievements in the area of advanced analytical and associated numerical methods as applied to various problems arising in all branches of electromagnetics. The unifying theme is the application of advanced or novel mathematical techniques to produce analytical solutions or effective analytical-numerical methods for computational electromagnetics addressing more general problems.

Each chapter contains an outline of its topic, discusses its scientific context and importance, describes approaches to date, gives an exposition of the author's approach to the problem tackled in the chapter, describes the results, and concludes with a discussion of the range or class of problems where the techniques described work most appropriately and effectively.

Intended primarily for researchers in the fields of electrical engineering, mathematics, physics and related disciplines, the book offers systematic and thorough coverage of this complex topic. It is hoped that the book will help to stimulate further investigation and discussion of the important problems in electromagnetics within this research community.

About the Editors

Kazuya Kobayashi is a professor in the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering at Chuo University, Japan. He has received a number of awards including The President's Award (2020) from URSI (International Union of Radio Science) and the M.A. Khizhnyak Award (2016) at the 16th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory. He is a Fellow of The Electromagnetics Academy and a Fellow of URSI. He has held various positions in the international radio science, electromagnetics, and optics communities including URSI Assistant Secretary-General for AP-RASC (since 2015); Chair of URSI Commission B (since 2017); Chair of the AP-RASC Standing Committee (since 2015); President of the Japan National Committee of URSI (2008-2018); Chair of the PIERS Young Scientists Award Committee, The Electromagnetics Academy (since 2018); Editor of Radio Science (since 2019); and Series Editor of Springer Series in Optical Sciences (since 2020). His research areas include developments of rigorous mathematical techniques as applied to electromagnetic wave problems; radar cross section; and scattering and diffraction.

Paul Denis Smith is a professor of mathematics at the Macquarie University, Australia. His awards include the best paper award at the 1987 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility. He served as associate editor of J. IEEE Antennas and Propagation from 2004 to 2011 and is currently an associate editor of Radio Science and a Board Member for Proceedings of the Royal Society(A). He is president of the Australian URSI Committee and is a member of the Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Space and Radio Science. His research areas include analytical and semi-analytical techniques for wave scattering and diffraction.

Publication Year: 2020

Pages: 748

ISBN-13: 978-1-78561-384-5

Format: HBK

Editors: Kazuya Kobayashi, Paul Denis Smith

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