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Analogue IC Design, The current-mode approach

Analogue IC Design

The current-mode approach  

Edited by C. Toumazou, F.J. Lidgey, D.G. Haigh

State-of-the-art analogue integrated circuit design is receiving a tremendous boost from the development and application of current-mode approaches, which are rapidly superseding traditional voltage-mode techniques. This activity is linked to important advances in integrated circuit technologies, such as the 'true' complementary bipolar process; CMOS VLSI technology, which allows realisation of high-performance mixed analogue and digital circuits; and gallium arsenide processing, which has matured to a point where it can be used effectively in high-speed analogue circuit and system design. In this book, all three technologies are represented, with key building blocks, circuit designs and applications. Many very important, but recent, techniques are presented, including switched-current techniques for high-precision filtering and A/D and D/A conversion, current-based amplifying techniques, and neural networks. Translinear principles, current mirrors, and the current conveyor are also covered. This book draws together contributions from the world's most eminent analogue IC designers to provide, for the first time, a comprehensive text devoted to this important and exciting new area of analogue electronics.

Publication Year: 1993

Pages: 666

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-297-4

Format: PBK

Editors: C. Toumazou, F.J. Lidgey, D.G. Haigh

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