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    Principles of Microwave Measurements

    G.H. Bryant  1993

    The book covers the fundamental theoretical bases of modern microwave measurements in the time and frequency domains, including reflectometry, spectrum analysers, vector and scalar analysers, multiports, power, noise, frequency stability and time domain reflectometry.

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    Analogue IC Design

    The current-mode approach  
    C. Toumazou, F.J. Lidgey, D.G. Haigh  1993

    This book has become the essential title covering the current-mode approach to integrated circuit design. The approach has sparked much interest in analogue electronics and is linked to important advances in integratedcircuit technology, such as CMOS VLSI which allows mixed analogue and digital circuits and high-speed GaAs processing.

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    The broadband telecommunications solution  
    L.G. Cuthbert, J.-C. Sapanel  1993

    This book explains the basic principles behind ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) technology, focusing especially on network aspects for the use of ATM by the communications industry.

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    Switched Currents

    An analogue technique for digital technology  
    C. Toumazou, J.B. Hughes, N.C. Battersby  1993

    This book introduces the basic switched-current technique and presents practical chip examples. Numerous application areas are described, ranging from filters and data converters to image processing applications.

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    The Correspondence of Michael Faraday

    Volume 2: 1832-1840  
    Frank A.J.L. James  1993

    Volume 2 covers the 1830s, a period when Faraday pursued the consequences of his discovery of electromagnetic induction and revised entirely the theories of electrochemistry and the nature of electricity. His correspondents include scientists of the day as well as antiquaries, military men, artists and politicians.