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The Early History of Radio, From Faraday to Marconi

The Early History of Radio

From Faraday to Marconi  

by G.R.M. Garratt

Much has been written about Faraday and Marconi, and about the history of the development of radio from the time of Marconi. However, Gerald Garratt's special interest was in what might be termed the 'prehistory' of radio. This book therefore outlines the sequence of development from Faraday's first prediction and concept of the electromagnetic field: Maxwell worked out the mathematics of electromagnetic wave propagation and Hertz demonstrated their physical existence. Lodge identified the need for resonance between transmitter and receiver, thus leading to Marconi's successful practical application.

About the Author

Gerald Garratt spent most of his career, apart from wartime service, at the Science Museum, London, and for many years he was in charge of the Communications Collections. He had completed six of this book's seven chapters before his death in 1989, and subsequently his daughter Susan Garratt has edited and prepared the final chapter based on material Gerald had collected from Marconi.

Publication Year: 1994

Pages: 104

ISBN-13: 978-0-85296-845-1

Format: HBK

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