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    The Early History of Radio

    From Faraday to Marconi  
    G.R.M. Garratt  1994

    The Early History of Radio: From Faraday to Marconi outlines the sequence of development from Faraday's first prediction and concept of the electromagnetic field.

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    Vacuum Switchgear

    Allan Greenwood  1994

    This book shows how vacuum arcs and current interruption in vacuum are different from gaseous arcs and interruption in gas circuit breakers, and leads the reader to understand these differences.

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    Energy Storage for Power Systems

    Andrei G. Ter-Gazarian  1994

    Based on the study of energy storage this book comprehensively covers the various types of secondary storage systems (storing energy until it is needed), and discusses the multidisciplinary problem of choice of their types and parameters.

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    Electrical Safety

    A guide to the causes and prevention of electrical hazards  
    J. Maxwell Adams  1994

    This book explains the various environmental and health hazards due to electricity in its many forms, and sets out methods and practices to reduce risks.

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    Microwave Field-Effect Transistors, 3rd Edition

    Theory, design and applications  
    Raymond S. Pengelly  1994

    This book covers the use of devices in microwave circuits and includes such topics as semiconductor theory and transistor performance, CAD considerations, intermodulation, noise figure, signal handling, S-parameter mapping, narrow- and broadband techniques, packaging and thermal considerations.

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    HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

    Randall W. Rhea  1994

    This book is a complete design guide for printed and L-C filters for RF and microwave applications. It includes easy to understand theory, accurate element models, computer-aided design, many filter types and practical application issues.