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Microwave Field-Effect Transistors, Theory, design and applications, 3rd Edition

Microwave Field-Effect Transistors, 3rd Edition

Theory, design and applications  

by Raymond S. Pengelly

This book covers the use of devices in microwave circuits and includes such topics as semiconductor theory and transistor performance, CAD considerations, intermodulation, noise figure, signal handling, S-parameter mapping, narrow- and broadband techniques, packaging and thermal considerations. Perhaps the most comprehensive text on GaAs FET technology and its practical application. It covers the use of MESFET devices in microwave circuits, such as low-noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, power amplifiers, switches and multipliers. This text is a classic reference for all engineers involved in the development of solid state microwave devices.

Publication Year: 1994

Pages: 704

ISBN-13: 978-1-884932-50-2

Format: HBK

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