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Electrical Steels for Rotating Machines

Electrical Steels for Rotating Machines

by Philip Beckley

Electrical steels are used to form the ferromagnetic cores of motors, generators and transformers. This book provides an insight for the electrical design engineer into what properties may be expected from electrical steels and how these properties may best be exploited in machine design.

Drawing on his extensive industrial experience, Philip Beckley presents the principles controlling the action of electrical steels, including various loss components and the influence of cutting damage. Coverage includes: general properties of electrical steels and their historical development and use; manufacturing methods; coatings and insulation; effects of punching and core building; high frequency applications; finite element design methods; testing and measurement; cost and quality issues; thickness measurement; and standards. Electrical Steels for Rotating Machines includes many useful data tables, as well as over 40 graphs of properties and performance, resulting in a very useful and practical book.

By providing details of the interplay between magnetic properties, manufacturing methods, physical properties and costs, this book will be of particular interest to electrical engineers and material producers.

About the Author

Professor Philip Beckley, former Technical and Research Manager for European Electrical Steels (now Cogent Power), now consults to Cogent on many aspects of electrical steels and electromagnetic technology. He has BSc, PhD and DSc degrees and is a Visiting Professor at Cardiff University. He has also worked for British Steel Electricals and the RAF. Professor Beckley has published over 80 papers and patents covering various aspects of electrical steels, magnetic measurements and electrotechnical steel production. He is a Fellow of the IET and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 334

ISBN-13: 978-0-85296-980-9

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