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    Stepping Motors, 4th Edition

    A guide to theory and practice  
    Paul Acarnley  2002

    This book provides an introductory text which will enable the reader to both appreciate the essential characteristics of stepping motor systems and understand how these characteristics are being exploited in the continuing development of new motors, drives and controllers.

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    Intelligent Networks

    Principles and applications  
    John Anderson  2002

    This book explains the principles of intelligent telecommunications networks and illustrates them with many practical examples of applications. Although international standards are beginning to emerge, they are far from simple and this text offers insight into the underlying principles.

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    Digital and Analogue Instrumentation

    Testing and measurement  
    Nihal Kularatna  2002

    This book provides a state-of-the art review of modern families of digital instruments. For each family the book covers internal design, use and applications, highlighting their advantages and limitations from a practical application viewpoint.

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    Radio Man

    The remarkable rise and fall of C.O. Stanley  
    Mark Frankland  2002

    Radio Man tells the story of C.O. Stanley, the unconventional Irishman who acquired Pye Radio at the beginning of the broadcasting age.

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    Innovation and the Communications Revolution

    From the Victorian pioneers to broadband Internet  
    John Bray  2002

    This book describes the stage-by-stage creation and development, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, of the remarkable global communications technologies that have profoundly transformed the way that people live and work.

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    Active Sound and Vibration Control

    Theory and applications  
    Osman Tokhi, Sandor Veres  2002

    This book presents the established fundamentals in the area of active sound and vibration control and explores new and emerging technologies and techniques. The latest theoretical, algorithmic and practical applications are covered.