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Introduction to RF Stealth

Introduction to RF Stealth

by David L. Lynch

This is the only book focused on the complete aspects of RF Stealth design. It is the first book to present and explain first order methods for the design of active and passive stealth properties. Everything from Electronic Order of Battle to key component design is covered.

The book is a 'How to' reference, allowing estimation of RCS, emitter interceptability, IR signature with speed, emitter footprints, terrain obscuration and target visibility, ambient spectra, ambient pulse density, detection performance, antenna, filter and pulse compression sidelobes, emitter location accuracy, stealthy pulse compression design, stealthy antenna design, signal processor performance, and more. Unique compilations of the leading parameters of many emitters and interceptors are included, as is analytical software for each chapter.

Stealth was a major military breakthrough very much in today's news. Though the author has been pioneering modern stealth techniques since 1975, necessary requirements of security has kept this material from becoming widely known. The book's purpose is to provide a new generation of designers with a firm and proven basis for new developments and to allow buyers of stealth technology to separate the charlatans from serious engineers.

Key features of this book include the fact that there is no competing title on the market; this will be the standard text for years to come. All analysis is presented on a first order basis: simplest approach, use of approximations, intuitive reasoning, many examples. The book's practical 'How to' approach incorporates recipes and examples for estimation of critical performance parameters. Includes 368 figures, 74 tables, 328 equations and 108 items of analytical software.

About the Author

David L. Lynch, Jr. was involved in almost every stealth programme as technical contributor, programme manager and business unit leader including LPIR, Have Blue, F-117, Tacit Blue, Sea Shadow, Advanced Cruise Missile, B-2 and many others. Mr. Lynch was a technical contributor to dozens of radar, EW and communications systems.

He has been elected a Pioneer of Stealth, a Senior Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The author was an inventor, leader or contributor to many world firsts, including manned space flight, telecommunications, digital signal processing, synthetic aperture radar, and stealth. Mr. Lynch was a company officer of General Motors Hughes Electronics. He is currently president of DL Sciences, Inc.

Publication Year: 2004

Pages: 587

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-349-0

Format: HBK

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