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    Bistatic Radar, 2nd Edition

    Nicholas J. Willis  2004

    This is the only English language book on bistatic radar and provides a history of bistatic systems that points out to potential designers, the applications that have worked and the dead-ends not worth pursuing.

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    Radar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts

    Roger J. Sullivan  2004

    Through courses taught internally at the Institute for Defense Analysis, Dr. Roger Sullivan has devised a book that brings readers fully up to speed on the most essential quantitative aspects of general radar in order to introduce study of the most exciting and relevant applications to radar imaging and advanced concepts

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    An international history of the formative years  
    Russell W. Burns  2004

    This book traces the evolution of communications from 500 BC, when fire beacons were used for signalling, to the 1940s, when high definition television systems were developed for the entertainment, education and enlightenment of society.

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    Electric Fuses, 3rd Edition

    A. Wright, P.G. Newbery  2004

    The book as a whole gives a comprehensive treatment of fuses, and is not intended solely for those engaged in fuse development, design and production, but also for those responsible for planning and protection of electrical circuits and networks.

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    Radar Cross Section, 2nd Edition

    Eugene F. Knott, John F. Schaeffer, Michael T. Tulley  2004

    Radar cross section (RCS) is a comparison of two radar signal strengths. One is the strength of the radar beam sweeping over a target, the other is the strength of the reflected echo sensed by the receiver. This book shows how the RCS gauge can be predicted for theoretical objects and how it can be measured for real targets.

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    Advances in High Voltage Engineering

    A. Haddad, D.F. Warne  2004

    This book addresses the very latest research and development issues in high voltage technology and is intended as a reference source for researchers and students in the field, specifically covering developments throughout the last decade.

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    Introduction to RF Stealth

    David L. Lynch  2004

    This is the only book focused on the complete aspects of RF Stealth design. It is the first book to present and explain first order methods for the design of active and passive stealth properties. Everything from Electronic Order of Battle to key component design is covered.

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    Commentary on MF/4 (inc. MF/4)

    MF/4 is a key industry Model Form of Terms and Conditions of Engagement for use as home or overseas agreements for the provision of consultancy services by Engineering Consultants.
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    Mobile and Wireless Communications

    Key technologies and future applications  
    Peter Smyth  2004

    This book reviews the contribution of different wireless access technologies to that future and looks at the opportunities of opening up access to telecommunications systems, via application programming interfaces APIs). The economic and regulatory issues associated with wireless communications are also discussed.

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    Local Access Network Technologies

    Paul France  2004

    This book presents an overview of local access networks and discusses new emerging technologies. Underpinning much of the evolving communications technology is the local access itself, both in traditional form of copper pairs but increasingly too through the use of new fibre, radio and copper systems.

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    Silicide Technology for Integrated Circuits

    Lih J. Chen  2004

    Silicide Technology for Integrated Circuits focuses on the task of developing and applying metal silicide technology as it emerges from the scientific to the prototype and manufacturing stages and provides guidance on the application of the latest emerging technology.

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    Foundations of Digital Signal Processing

    Theory, algorithms and hardware design  
    Patrick Gaydecki  2004

    This book covers the basic theoretical, algorithmic and real-time aspects of digital signal processing (DSP). Detailed information is provided on off-line, real-time and DSP programming and the reader is effortlessly guided through advanced topics such as DSP hardware design, FIR and IIR filter design and difference equation manipulation.

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    Distribution Switchgear

    Stan Stewart  2004

    This book is an invaluable reference source dealing with the general principles of the switchgear function and discussing topics such as interuption techniques, fault level calculationsm switching transients and electrical insulation.

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    Target Detection by Marine Radar

    John N. Briggs  2004

    This book covers the various international regulations governing marine radar, a brief historical background is given to modern day practice and the book closes with a discussion of ways in which marine radar may develop to meet future challenges.

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    Optical Fibers and RF

    A natural combination  
    Malcolm Romeiser  2004

    Taking the approach that optical fibers are an extension of RF-based communications, the author explains basic optical concepts, applications, and systems; the nature and performance characteristics of optical fibers; and optical sources, connectors and splices.

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    Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers, 2nd Edition

    James B. Tsui  2004

    This book is a current, comprehensive design guide for your digital processing work with today's complex receiver systems. This book brings you up-to-date with the latest information on wideband electronic warfare receivers, the ADC testing procedure, frequency channelization and decoding schemes, and the operation of monobit receivers.

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    Applications of Space-Time Adaptive Processing

    Richard Klemm  2004

    This book provides a unique overview of the broad field of space-time processing and is divided into two parts: the first dealing with the classical adaptive suppression of airbourne and spacebased radar clutter, and the second comprimising miscellanous applications in other fields such as communications, underwater sounds and seismics.

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    Variable Structure Systems

    From principles to implementation  
    Asif Sabanovic, Leonid M. Fridman, Sarah Spurgeon  2004

    This book aims to fulfil the definite need for an accessible book on variable structure systems and also provdies the very latest results in research on this topic. The book contains many numerical design examples, so that readers can quickly understand the design methodologies and their applications to practical problems.

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    UML for Systems Engineering, 2nd Edition

    Watching the wheels  
    Jon Holt  2004

    The UML (Unified Modelling Language) has become the industry standard for modelling software-intensive systems. The book looks at applications using the UML as part of a generic approach to aid problem-solving and information modelling and covers the significant changes that have occurred since the release of UML version 2.