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Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients

Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients

by Fabian M. Uriarte

Multicore technology has brought about the reexamination of traditional power system electromagnetic transient simulation methods. The technological penetration of this advancement in power system simulation is not noticeable, but its demand is growing in importance in anticipation of the many-core shift. The availability of this technology in personal computers has orchestrated the redesign of simulation approaches throughout the software industry - and in particular, the parallelization of power system simulation.

Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients shows how to parallelize the simulation of power system transients using a multicore desktop computer. The book begins by introducing a power system large enough to demonstrate the potential of multicore technology. Then, it is shown how to formulate and partition the power system into subsystems that can be solved in parallel with a program written in C#. Formulating a power system as subsystems exploits multicore technology by parallelizing its solution and can result in significant speedups. For completeness, the power system presented in this book is also built and run in MATLAB®/Simulink® SimPowerSystems - one of the most widely-used commercial simulation tools today.

About the Author

Fabian M. Uriarte is with the Center for Electromechanics of The University of Texas at Austin, USA, where he is a power system simulation specialist and researcher. He has a PhD in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University at College Station in the area of parallel power system simulation. His research includes modelling, simulation, ship power systems, power electronics, micro grids, smart grids, parallel programming, and software development in C#. Dr Uriarte has published in the areas of power system modelling and simulation, distribution systems, micro grids, ship power systems and multicore simulation.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2013

Pages: 312

ISBN-13: 978-1-84919-572-0

Format: HBK

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