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    Swarm Intelligence

    Volume 1: Principles, current algorithms and methods  
    Ying Tan  2018

    This book presents the basic principles and current algorithms and methods of well-known swarm intelligence algorithms and efficient improvements from typical particle swarm optimisation (PSO), ant colony optimisation (ACO) and fireworks algorithm (FWA) as well as other swarm intelligence algorithms for swarm robotics.

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    Symbolic Methods in Control System Analysis and Design

    Neil Munro  1999

    Symbolic computing has made a significant impact in the field of control engineering. This book, which brings together contributions from leading international experts in the field, provides an up-to-date treatment of various issues in system modelling, analysis, design and synthesis methods.

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    Variable Structure Systems

    From principles to implementation  
    Asif Sabanovic, Leonid M. Fridman, Sarah Spurgeon  2004

    This book aims to fulfil the definite need for an accessible book on variable structure systems and also provdies the very latest results in research on this topic. The book contains many numerical design examples, so that readers can quickly understand the design methodologies and their applications to practical problems.

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    Wearable Exoskeleton Systems

    Design, control and applications  
    Shaoping Bai, Gurvinder Singh Virk, Thomas Sugar  2018

    In this book, the editors and authors report recent advances and technology breakthroughs in exoskeleton developments. It will be of interest to engineers and researchers in academia and industry as well as manufacturing companies interested in developing new markets in wearable exoskeleton robotics.

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    Embedded Mechatronics System Design for Uncertain Environments

    Linux®-based, Rasbpian®, ARDUINO® and MATLAB® xPC Target Approaches  
    Cheng Siong Chin  2018

    Industrial machines, automobiles, airplanes, robots, and machines are among the myriad possible hosts of embedded systems. This book has been prepared for those who seek to easily develop and design embedded systems for control purposes in robotic vehicles.

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    Flexible Robot Manipulators, 2nd Edition

    Modelling, simulation and control  
    M.O. Tokhi, A.K.M. Azad  2017

    Industrial automation is driving the development of robot manipulators in various applications, with much of the research effort focussed on flexible manipulators and their advantages compared to their rigid counterparts. This book reports recent advances and new developments in the analysis and control of these robot manipulators.

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    Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks

    A statistical signal processing perspective  
    Domenico Ciuonzo, Pierluigi Salvo Rossi  2019

    This book describes the advanced tools required to design state-of-the-art inference algorithms for inference in wireless sensor networks. Written for the signal processing, communications, sensors and information fusion research communities, it covers the emerging area of data fusion in wireless sensor networks.