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    Wireless Medical Sensor Networks for IoT-based eHealth

    Fadi Al-Turjman  2020

    This book addresses the major challenges in realizing Wireless Medical Sensor Networks in forthcoming IoT-based eHealth systems, including cost, energy efficiency, security and service quality. Addressing both design and implementation, the book provides a valuable overview for researchers, scientists and engineers on this evolving field.

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    Control of Prosthetic Hands

    Challenges and emerging avenues  
    Kianoush Nazarpour  2020

    This edited book brings together research from laboratories across the world, offering a global perspective on advances in prosthetic hand control. State-of-the-art control of prosthetics in laboratories and clinical spaces are presented and challenges discussed, and effects of user training on control of prosthetics are also highlighted.

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    Patient-Centered Digital Healthcare Technology

    Novel applications for next generation healthcare systems  
    Leonard Goldschmidt, M.D., Ph.D., Rona Margaret Relova, M.D.  2020

    This book explores technologies that aim to revolutionize healthcare access and delivery. Topics underscore a range of innovations in health information systems and big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, real-time home monitoring tools, smartphone apps, medical robotics and intelligent machines, virtual and augmented realities, genome sequencing, blockchain and gamification in healthcare.

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    Biomedical Nanomaterials

    From design to implementation  
    Thomas J. Webster, Hilal Yazici  2016

    This book describes the engineering applications and challenges of using nanostructured surfaces and nanomaterials in healthcare. With contributions from an international selection of researchers this book is essential reading for researchers in industry and academia working at the interfaces of healthcare, engineering and nanotechnology.

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    EEG Signal Processing

    Feature extraction, selection and classification methods  
    Wai Yie Leong  2019

    This book focuses on the feature extraction methods used in Electroencephalographic (EEG) signal processing. It presents state-of-the-art aspects of EEG interpretation and the value of EEG; gives practical tips on interpretation and covers specific areas where EEG is most useful.

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    Engineering High Quality Medical Software

    Regulations, standards, methodologies and tools for certification  
    Antonio Coronato  2018

    This book focuses on high-confidence medical software in the growing field of e-health, telecare services and health technology. It covers the development of methodologies and engineering tasks together with standards and regulations for medical software.