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    Smart Road Infrastructure

    Innovative technologies  
    Runhua Guo  2021

    Smart roads are road infrastructures with integrated structural materials, sensors, information centres, and energy systems. The goals are extending service life and performance, reducing safety risks, and improving service quality. This book brings together the latest research into technologies for novel and smart road infrastructures.

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    Shared Mobility and Automated Vehicles

    Responding to socio-technical changes and pandemics  
    Ata M. Khan, Susan A. Shaheen  2021

    Shared mobility is gaining increasing attention in private and public sectors. Serving as a source of information on how best to shape shared vehicle systems of the future, this book contributes knowledge on key facets of shared mobility. It includes shared vehicle systems as well as shared automated vehicle systems.

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    Cable Based and Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

    Technology and control, management and grid integration  
    Rajiv Singh, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Sanjeet Dwivedi, Marta Molinas, Frede Blaabjerg  2021

    Electric Vehicles are part of the solution to both reducing urban air pollution and staving off climate change. This book covers the latest in charging technology, both stationary as well as wireless and in-motion. Grid integration, simulations, fast charging, and battery management are also addressed.

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    Traffic Information and Control

    Ruimin Li, Zhengbing He  2020

    Written by an international team of researchers, this book focuses on traffic information processing and signal control using emerging types of traffic data. Traffic Information and Control is a valuable resource for researchers and engineers working in the field of traffic information and control, and intelligent transport systems.

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    Collection and Delivery of Traffic and Travel Information

    Paul Burton, Alan Stevens  2020

    Technologies for traffic and travel information (TTI) have been evolving rapidly in recent years. This book focuses on an emerging generation of machine to machine communication, covering gathering information from automated sensors, digital processing and transmission, and its use by increasingly intelligent agents and vehicles.

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    Smart Sensing for Traffic Monitoring

    Nobuyuki Ozaki  2020

    Intelligent infrastructure has the potential to revolutionise traffic management, and to play a key role in the future automation of vehicles. The book systematically covers the key elements of intelligent infrastructure for an audience of researchers, practitioners and advanced students.

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    Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems

    Methods and results  
    Meng Lu  2016

    This book provides an overview of ICT-based intelligent road transport systems with an emphasis on evaluation methods and recent evaluation results of ITS development and deployment.

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    Low Carbon Mobility for Future Cities

    Principles and applications  
    Hussein Dia  2017

    This book brings together leading experts in the areas of urban planning, transport planning and strategy, traffic management and transport technology to present a cohesive work on the policy principles and practical applications to drive urban mobility services in tomorrow's smart cities.

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    Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    K.T. Chau  2016

    Electric and hybrid vehicles have been globally identified to be the most environmental friendly road transportation. Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles provides comprehensive coverage of the three main energy system technologies of these vehicles - energy sources, battery charging and vehicle-to-grid systems.