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    Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

    Towards high-level automated driving  
    Meng Lu  2019

    The book provides a comprehensive insight in the state of the art of C-ITS and automated driving, especially addresses the role of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) infrastructure, and presents the main achievements (both theory and practice), as well as the challenges in the domain in Europe, the US and Asia/Pacific.

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    Traffic Information and Control

    Ruimin Li, Zhengbing He  2020

    Written by an international team of researchers, this book focuses on traffic information processing and signal control using emerging types of traffic data. Traffic Information and Control is a valuable resource for researchers and engineers working in the field of traffic information and control, and intelligent transport systems.

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    Expected by: 15 December 2020

    Smart Sensing for Traffic Monitoring

    Nobuyuki Ozaki  2020

    Intelligent infrastructure has the potential to revolutionise traffic management, and to play a key role in the future automation of vehicles. The book systematically covers the key elements of intelligent infrastructure for an audience of researchers, practitioners and advanced students.

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    Expected by: 15 December 2020

    Collection and Delivery of Traffic and Travel Information

    Paul Burton, Alan Stevens  2020

    Technologies for traffic and travel information (TTI) have been evolving rapidly in recent years. This book focuses on an emerging generation of machine to machine communication, covering gathering information from automated sensors, digital processing and transmission, and its use by increasingly intelligent agents and vehicles.